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Dr James Castell

Dr James Castell


School of English, Communication and Philosophy

+44 (0)29 2087 5410
2.05, John Percival Building, Colum Drive, Cardiff, CF10 3EU

My research focuses on English Literature.

I  joined Cardiff University as a Lecturer in 2014, having been a research fellow  at Hertford College, Oxford. I completed my PhD at St John's College, Cambridge  and have also worked with and in secondary schools in a variety of different  contexts.




  • Castell, J. 2015. William Wordsworth. In: Vance, N. and Wallace, J. eds. The Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature Volume 4: 1790-1880., Vol. 4. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 325-346.
  • Castell, J. 2015. Wordsworth and 'the life of things'. In: Gravil, R. and Robinson, D. eds. The Oxford Handbook of William Wordsworth. Oxford Handbooks of Literature Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 733-746.






I am currently working on a monograph that focuses on 'animal life' in the poetry of William Wordsworth. The project builds upon  recent research concerning the relationship between Romantic literature and  science, the development of animal rights movements in the period, and renewed  continental philosophical interest in animals and the nonhuman.

It takes a different approach to previous studies, however,  by favouring close analysis of the role of poetic language in thinking  philosophically about animal life. Entitled Wordsworth  and Animal Life, it will contribute to a number of contemporary debates on  literature and the nonhuman, as well as attempting to think in a new way about  Wordsworth's reputation as a philosophical nature poet.

In addition, I am interested more broadly in  critical theory, poetry and poetics, and the environmental humanities.

Research Interests

  • Poetry  and poetics;
  • critical theory;
  • Romanticism;
  • philosophy of animals;
  • ontology;
  • nature writing;
  • literature and science.


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