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Professor Marco Marletta

Professor Marco Marletta

Deputy Head of School

School of Mathematics

+44 (0)29 2087 5552
M/2.41, 2nd Floor, Mathematics Institute, Senghennydd Road, Cardiff, CF24 4AG


My interests are in spectral problems for ordinary and partial differential operators and involves both analysis and computational mathematics. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council have funded my work since 1994 and I have also had significant funding from the Leverhulme Trust and the London Mathematical Society.

My most recent work has been on the numerical solution of spectral problems for ODEs and PDEs on infinite domains. Central to this has been the study of the Titchmarsh-Weyl function for the ODE case, and of the Dirichlet to Neumann map for the PDE case.

I also work on inverse problems in spectral theory: these involve determining a problem from a knowledge of its spectral properties, usually through the Dirichlet to Neumann map, and have numerous applications.

Please see my personal web page for further details.

Research group

Administrative duties

  • Director of Research
  • Member of the School of Mathematics Management Board
  • Member of School Research Committee
  • Member of School Learning and Teaching Committee
  • Member of the Postgraduate Executive Team

Personal website

Professor Marco Marletta's personal pages



















Autumn semester

  • Foundations tutorials

Spring semester

  • MA1001 Elementary Differential Equations
  • MA3000 Complex Function Theory

Current and past collaborators

External funding since 2000

I have obtained a number of grants, both as sole and as joint investigator. My research funding from EPSRC has been continuous since I obtained my first grant in 1994.

These figures do not include some small Royal Society grants or the £22K budget for the program on Pseudospectra at ICMS in Edinburg in September 2014.

EPSRC CTA grant income: £189,600 The CTA grant was to fund an MSc in Cardiff, proposed by myself, by B.M. Brown (Computer Science) and P.J. Knowles (Chemistry).

  • Joint Investigator, EPSRC PDRA Grant on Inverse Problems in Magnetic Imaging: £430,833
  • Principal Investigator, WIMCS-Leverhulme Fellowships on Dissipative Operator Theory (£160,977)
  • Scientist in Charge, EU Marie Curie Project GRAPH-COUPL
  • Principal Investigator, EPSRC PDRA grant, with B.M. Brown (2005)
  • Sole applicant, EPSRC VF grant for Prof. C. Tretter (2004)
  • Joint investigator, EPSRC VF grant for Prof. S.N. Naboko (2004)
  • Leverhulme Fellowship (2001-2002)
  • Principal investigator, EPSRC VF grant for Prof A.A. Shkalikov (2001)
  • Sole applicant, EPSRC VF grant for Prof. L. Greenberg (2000)
  • Sole applicant, EPSRC VF grant for Prof. L. J`odar (1998)
  • Sole applicant, EPSRC VF grant for Prof. L. Greenberg (1998)
  • Sole applicant, EPSRC VF grant for Prof. L. Greenberg (1996)
  • Sole applicant, EPSRC VF grant for Prof. L. Greenberg (1994)
  • Joint applicant, 1998 EPSRC Numerical Analysis Summer School
  • Joint applicant, 1996 EPSRC Numerical Analysis Summer School
  • Joint applicant, 1994 EPSRC Numerical Analysis Summer School
  • Joint investigator, EPSRC PDRA grant, with B.M. Brown and W.D. Evans (2002)
  • EPSRC postdoc grant GR/R20885/01 (2002 to 2005)
  • EPSRC postdoc grant EP/C008324/1 (2006 to 2008)
  • EPSRC VF grant GR/S74072/01 (2004 to 2006)
  • EPSRC VF grant GR/S47229/01 (2004)
  • Leverhulme Fellowship (2001 to 2002)
  • EPSRC VF grant GR/R44959/01 (2001 to 2002)
  • EPSRC VF grant GR/N26159/01 (2000 to 2001)

I have also had LMS funding for a number of short meetings.

Invited conference and workshop talks

Apart from the large meetings listed previously, I have been invited to speak at numerous other meetings. The list below includes only those for which my expenses were paid in full.

    • AIM Workshop on the Mathematical Aspects of Physics with Nonselfadjoint Operators, June 2015.
    • Plenary speaker, Kent Spectral Theory Meeting, Canterbury, March 2014.
    • Plenary speaker, TU-Hamburg ‘Kickoff Meeting’ on Applied Analysis, Hamburg-Harburg, July 2012.
    • Bath-RAL NA Conference, September 2008.
    • `Numerical Approaches to Oscillatory Functions', Ghent, January 2008.
    • Banach Centre Spectral Theory Workshop, Warsaw, 2007; 2005; 2003.
    • Inverse Problems Workshop, University of Liverpool, March 2006.
    • Durham Symposium on Spectral Theory, 2005
    • Banach Centre Conference on Operator Theory, Warsaw, Poland, July 2005.
    • American Mathematical Society Meeting, Nashville, Tenessee, October 2004.
    • AMS Meeting, Nashville, 2004.
    • Operator Theory and Applications in Mathematical Physics', keynote speaker, Poland, 2004.
    • EPSRC Spectral Theory Network, December 2003.
    • Banach Centre Conference on Operator Theory, Warsaw, Poland, August 2003.
    • EPSRC Spectral Theory Network, October 2001.
    • Scottish Computational Mathematics Symposium, Edinburgh, 2001.
    • Interdisciplinary Research Conference, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, September 2001. Organizer: L. J`odar.
    • Scottish Computational Mathematics Conference, September 2001. Organizer: D. Sloan.
    • ‘Geometric Integration’: EPSRC-LMS workshop, Durham, July 2000.
    • Course of seminars on Hamiltonian Systems at the University of Pisa, April 1999.
    • ‘Computational Spectral Theory’: EPSRC workshop (1996).
    • ‘Computational Spectral Theory’: EPSRC workshop (1993).