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Dr Alexia Zoumpoulaki


School of Computer Science and Informatics

Available for postgraduate supervision

In the past I have worked in various interdisciplinary research projects, including memory classification, deception detection and crowd simulations. Much of my work has focused in analysing and classifying time series data.

I am interested in congitive neursocience and how computer science can help model behaviour and cognitive processes.

  • PhD in Computer Science (Computational Neuroscience) - University of Kent, Canterbury, UK
  • MSc in Advanced Computer Science (Computational Intelligence): Distinction - University of Kent, Canterbury, UK
  • MSc Product & Systems Design Engineering: Distinction - University of the Aegean, Syros, Greece
  • BEng Information & Communication Systems Engineering - University of the Aegean, Samos, Greece








Computational Thinking CM6114

Undergraduate and Postrgraduate project supervision 

Research interests

I am interested in human factors, especially attention, multitasking and decision making. As a broader interest, I am interested in group behaviour especially under stressful situations.

I am using physiological measurements such as gaze, pupil dilation, eeg in combination with video, text and voice analysis to study the above areas. 

In the past I have mainly worked on neuroimaging projects, specialising on time series analysis.

I am currently looking to support PhD applications in the area of automatic deception detection. 

I am also interested in supervising PhD students in the areas of:

  • HCI - visual attention, multitasking and problem solving.  
  • social network analysis
  • HCI