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Dr Kathryn Jones

Dr Kathryn Jones

Senior Lecturer

School of Computer Science and Informatics

+44 (0)29 2251 0053
N/2.09a, Queen's Buildings - North Building, 5 The Parade, Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 3AA


I have spent the majority of my career working as a commercial software engineer in the telecommunications industry. Having made the move back to Academia I now teach two modules on our BSc in Applied Software Engineering where I encourage the students to work outside of their comfort zone, figure out how they learn and push their technical capabilities. I am Deputy Director of Learning and Teaching for the School of Computer Science and Informatics and have research interests that range from Computer Science Education to Emerging Technology and Software Engineering.



Deputy Director of Learning and Teaching: I am the Deputy DoT for the School of Computer Science and Informatics. My role involves all aspects of learning and teaching within the school including leading module review, Chairing the monthly Teaching and Learning Academic Quality Committee and deputising for the DoT when required.

Commercial Frameworks, Languages and Tools on BSc Applied Software Engineering: This module aims to provide the students with a deeper understanding of several alternative frameworks, languages, and tools used in the development of commercial software.  Aspects of commercial software that will be explored include reliability, availability, scalability, performance, and presenting the user with a rich user interface experience. Students gain hands-on experience of working with previously unseen commercial technologies and be able to compare alternative approaches. I work with industry and my year team colleagues to determine projects over the summer recess.

Managing Change on Applied Software Engineering: Software systems and services are key enablers for change in many organisations. However, software-enabled change is more complex in larger organisations as it needs to comply with established standards and processes for managing change, to deliver value to a wide range of stakeholders. This module aims to give students an appreciation of the difficulties inherent in managing change in organisations where technology is a key enabler of change. Students will investigate the difficulties of managing change in organisations through a range of case studies and will evaluate how these difficulties can be addressed through management standards, processes and techniques.

Large Team Project

The main aim of the Large Team Project module is: To deliver a high-quality solution that meets the real needs of the various stakeholders through working professionally and collaboratively with other team members to achieve effective management of the project.

  • Pedagogical interests include use of video in teaching and learning, crowd-sourcing feedback for mobile application development, gender equality in software engineering and enhancing industrial engagement in teaching and learning.
  • Software engineering practices and development using emerging tech, frameworks and languages centring around mobile and distributed applications.
  • Assistive technology especially for people with life-limiting illnesses and reducing digital seclusion in the elderly.