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Professor Paul Roche

Professor Paul Roche

Chair of Astronomy Education
MSc Astrophysics Programme Coordinator
Head of Physics Education Research Group

School of Physics and Astronomy

+44 (0)29 2068 7197
McKenzie House 4.15, McKenzie House, 30-36 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 0DE
Available for postgraduate supervision


Chair of Astronomy Education

Course co-ordinator, MSc Astrophysics

ESERO-UK "Space Ambassador for Wales"

Director, Faulkes Telescope Project


I originally studied geophysics at Southampton University (1986-1989) before moving disciplines to astrophysics and gaining a PhD from Southampton in 1993, studying X-ray binary systems (i.e. star systems containing a "normal" star with either a black holes or neutron star companion).

Following postdoctoral research at Southampton, I was appointed Lecturer in Astronomy at Sussex (1994-1999), before becoming the first Head of Education at the National Space Centre, Leicester (1999-2001). I then moved back to Cardiff, where I was jointly Senior Lecturer at Glamorgan (2001-2003) and Walter Hudson Senior Research Fellow at Cardiff University (2001-2005). In addition, I have also been an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Leicester (1999-2004); Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Open University (2006-2009); Educational Programmes Consultant at Techniquest (2002-2006), and Director of Education and Public Outreach at Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope, California (2007-2009).

I have spent over 25 years researching massive stars, neutron stars and black holes, but now mainly specialise in using astronomy and space science to encourage students of all ages to study STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects. In this capacity, I have been the UK National Schools’ Astronomer since 2001, and Director of the Faulkes Telescope Project since 2002. In 2010 I was appointed as the European Space Agency (ESERO-UK) “Space Ambassador for Wales”, acting as link between research, industry, education and the general public.

After returning to the Univ. of Glamorgan in 2009, I established a group working in both astronomical research and education, using robotic, Internet-controlled telescopes, and developed a new BSc Observational Astronomy programme. I was appointed Professor of Astronomy Education at the Univ. of South Wales (the re-named Glamorgan) in 2012, and was President of the Association for Science Education Cymru (2013-2015).

I returned to Cardiff University in 2015, where I am currently Chair of Astronomy Education and course co-ordinator for the MSc in Astrophysics programme.

Honours and awards

  • University of Sussex inaugural Teaching Excellence Award (1997)
  • PPARC National Award for Public Understanding of Science (2000)
  • PPARC National Award for Public Understanding of Science (2004)
  • STFC Science in Society Personal Fellowship (2006)
  • STFC Science in Society Personal Fellowship (2009)

Professional memberships

  • Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society
  • Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy

Academic positions

  • 09/92  09/94             Postdoc Physics & Astronomy, Uni. Southampton
  • 10/94  02/99             Lecturer  Astronomy Centre, Uni. Sussex
  • 02/99  11/00             Head of Education  National Space Centre, Leicester
  • 02/99  01/04             Honorary Lecturer  Physics & Astronomy, Uni. Leicester
  • 08/01  09/03             Visiting Research Fellow  Applied Sciences, Uni. Glamorgan
  • 11/00  11/02             Project Scientist  Faulkes Telescope Project
  • 11/02  09/03             Senior Lecturer Uni. Glamorgan
  • 01/01  12/03             Hudson Senior Research Fellow  PHYSX Cardiff Uni.
  • 06/01  05/04             Visiting Research Fellow  Physics & Astronomy, Open Uni.
  • 11/02  03/06             Educational Programmes Consultant  Techniquest Science Centre
  • 11/02  present          Director  Faulkes Telescope Project
  • 03/05  03/07             Staff Scientist  Las Cumbres Observatory
  • 02/06  02/09             Visiting Senior Lecturer  Open Uni.
  • 03/07   07/09            Director of Education and Public Outreach Las Cumbres Observatory
  • 11/08   06/14            Principle Lecturer/Subject Leader in Astronomy Uni. of Glamorgan
  • 04/10  present          ESERO-UK “Space Ambassador” for Wales ESERO-UK
  • 06/12  06/15             Professor of Astronomy Education  Uni. of South Wales
  • 06/15  09/20             Reader/MSc Astrophysics Co-ordinator Cardiff Uni
  • 10/20  present          Chair of Astronomy Education







I currently teach several MSc Astrophysics core modules (PXT 201 "Techniques in astrophysics" and PXT 202 "Study and research skills in astrophysics"), along with the optional fieldtrip module (PXT203 "Advanced observational techniques") and the 1st year autumn term "Planet Earth" module (PX1127). In addition, I supervise several 3rd year project students and MSc summer research dissertation students each year.

Nowadays I am mainly interested in how we use astronomy and space science to encourage school students to study STEM subjects, so I am actively engaged in leading a number of national projects in these areas (e.g. the Faulkes Telescope Project and  Down2Earth).

Using the Faulkes Telescope Project facilities (as part of the Las Cumbres Observatopry global network, with 2m, 1m and 0.4m telescopes across the planet), I am also involved in helping various research projects studying X-ray binaries, comets, asteroids and supernovae.