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Professor Glyn Taylor

BSc, PhD, MIoD

Honorary Professor

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


PhD in Pharmacokinetics from Manchester University (1981)

BSc (Pharmacy) from Aston University (1976)

Research Interests

Pulmonary Drug Delivery

Pharmaceutical Scintigraphy

Environmental Improvements for Medicinal Inhalers

Variability in Pharmacokinetics

A member of the School's Drug Delivery & Microbiology Research Discipline

I graduated with a BSc in Pharmacy from Aston University in 1976 and a PhD in Pharmacokinetics from Manchester University in 1981. I joined the faculty of the Welsh School of Pharmacy in Cardiff during 1980 and was subsequently appointed as a Research Fellow in Clinical Pharmacology at Stanford University (1982-1983) and as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Pharmacy (1989-1990).

In 1992, I co-founded Cardiff Scintigraphics, a Cardiff University spin-out company focussed on the clinical and in vitro evaluation of pharmaceuticals and drug delivery systems using techniques including gamma scintigraphy. In addition to a joint venture with Europe’s longest established Clinical Research Organisation Simbec, the spin-out company has also focused on novel (non-CFC) formulation strategies for inhalation drug delivery. He has delivered many lectures to academic, industrial and commercial organisations in the UK and in the US and has authored or co-authored more than 150 research articles, in the areas of pharmacokinetics, biopharmaceutics and gamma scintigraphy. To date, 20 graduate students have been awarded PhD degrees under my supervision.

Professional memberships

I am a reviewer for BBSRC, Wellcome Foundation and a member of the Bioequivalence Ad Hoc Group of the MHRA.













Research Interest

My main research aim is to elucidate factors which influence variability in pharmacokinetics. This encompasses both pre-clinical investigations of formulation excipients on drug delivery and absorption and clinical investigations using gamma scintigraphy to investigate patient and device variables on the optimisation of drug deposition and delivery to appropriate absorption sites, particularly the lung.