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Dr Katia Jindrich

Dr Katia Jindrich

Research Associate

School of Biosciences

Sir Martin Evans Building, Museum Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3AX

In the White-Cooper lab, we use Drosophila spermatogenesis as a model to understand fundamental regulatory mechanisms that underpin cell-type specific gene expression. My current project focuses on the interplay between transcription factor binding and chromatin dynamics.


2017 - Ph.D. in Molecular Biology - University of Queensland, Australia

2011 - Master in Molecular Biology - University of Lund, Sweden

2010 - Master of Engineering in Chemistry - École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier (ENSCM), France

2008 - Bachelor of Science in Chemistry - École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier, France


2017 - present : Post-doctoral Research Associate, School of Biological Sciences, Cardiff University, UK

Prof. Helen White-Cooper

2012 - 2017: PhD Molecular biology, School of Biological Sciences, the University of Queensland, Australia

Prof. Bernie Degnan

2010 - 2011: Research Assistant, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA / University of Lund, Sweden

Profs. Todd Oakley (UCSB) and Dan-Eric Nilsson (Lund)

2009: Research Assistant, Pharmaceutical laboratory Bioprojet-Biotech, Rennes, France

Marc Capet

2008: Research Assistant, University of St Andrews, Scotland

Dr. Nick Westwood.

I am interested in the genomic mechanisms that regulate cell-specific gene expression. During my PhD, I investigated how bzip transcription factors regulate gene expression in the marine sponge Amphimedon, and how their evolution may have supported the emergence of animal complexity. In May 2017, I joined Helen White-Copper’s lab to investigate how transcription is directed during Drosophila spermatogenesis. Specifically, I study how chromatin architecture changes during terminal differentiation, how it relates to gene expression, and how it is influenced by transcriptional regulators and chromatin remodellers.

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