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Dr Allison Wylde

Dr Allison Wylde

Business Tutor

Cardiff Business School


Dr Allison Wylde FRGS FHEA PhD (London) MA DIC (Imperial) BSc Hons.

  • Lecturing and teaching with Cardiff University Business School 

    • MBA Dissertation supervision
    • BST710 Understanding Organizations and the Business Environment
    • BS3746 Service Marketing
    • BST190 Innovation Management
  • Reseach Associate with the Airbus Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Analytics at Cardiff University
  • Member of the Cyber Security Centre at Warwick University


Dr Wylde also teaches and supervises students at the Cyber Security Centre in Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) at Warwick University, previously she was with Loughborough University

Honours and awards

In 2012 Dr Wylde was awarded Lord Imbert prize for contributions to security

Professional memberships

  • Fellow, Royal Geographical Society
  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy
  • Member, British Standards Institute (Cabinet Office) Technical Committee, Societal Security Management SSM/01
  • Member, International Commission, ASIS International Commission on Standards and Guidelines
  • Member, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)


Lecturing and teaching

  • MBA Dissertation supervision
  • BST710 Understanding Organizations and the Business Environment
  • BS3746 Service Marketing

PARC Award, 2029, news
Very pleased to have supervised Ms Akshita Rangnekar winner of the 2019, DSV-Panalpina:
PARC Award for the best dissertation business project between DSV-Panalpina and the Logistics
and Operations Management section of Cardiff Business School.

The PARC Award is offered to graduates who have demonstrated strategic and innovative thinking throughout their business projects- Akshita’s project focused on identifying opportunities related to the introduction of 5G with a focus on the field of installations services.


Research interests 

  • Cyber security decision making and cyber threat intellegence: perceptions of trust, risk and vulnerability


  • Technical committee member, BSI Societal Security SSM0: security standards, guidelines and governance, 
  • Member, the UK Cyber Security Council, work stream 7, code of ethics for the cyber security profession
  • UK Government, Office of Science and Technology, COVID-19, expert consultation

Recent publications 

Salisbury, L., and Wylde, A. (2020). Grey areas: what if asking your cyber security team “are we good?” is just not good enough?

Salisbury, L., and Wylde, A. (2020). Butterfly collections: what if collecting indicators of compromise (IoCs) won’t protect you from cyber-attacks?

Wylde, A. (2020). Reconsidering Resilience, in, The Digital Age, Cyber Space, and Social Media, edited by Syed M. Khasru. Institute for Policy, Advocacy and Governance, IPAG. 

Publications in the pipeline includes papers on cyber security, trust and vulnerability, developed from peer-review conference presentations at the European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS)

Recent funding

January 2021, Edinburgh Napier University, study of student led peer support for supporting students in online learning and teaching 

Recent funded project, independent audit of user-experience (UX) of an application (App) for resilient communities (West End, London) with London First