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Dr Andrew Connell

Dr Andrew Connell

Research Associate, Wales Centre for Public Policy

Cardiff Business School

10 Museum Place, Cardiff, CF10 3BG
Welsh speaking


I work on the WCPP’s research programme and am interested in how the Welsh Government, and other devolved and small country governments, can develop and use their powers to make public policy that meets the needs of their nations and regions.


After a first degree in Law, I spent some years working in homelessness and housing, gaining an MSc in Politics and Administration from Birkbeck, University of London. I moved to Wales in 2001 to work for Wales Council for Voluntary Action and then completed a PhD in Politics at Cardiff University.  Subsequently I taught at the University of York and at Cardiff Metropolitan University before joining the Public Policy Institute for Wales (PPIW), the predecessor of the WCPP, in November 2015. I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and of the Royal Historical Society, and I can work through the medium of Welsh.





My research interests are in subnational and small country policy design, change, and implementation, with specific interest in the use of hard and soft policy powers within the constraints of meso-level governments. My research is informed by my participation in the applied and commissioned work of the Wales Centre for Public Policy, and my experience as a policy practitioner working with devolved and regional government in the UK. Much of that experience was in homelessness and housing policy and I maintain an interest in those fields. I also have a private research interest in aspects of religion and politics.  

Principal publications

 Monograph: Welfare Policy Under New Labour: The Politics of Social Security Reform.  IB Tauris, 2010.

  • Nominated for the Royal Historical Society’s Whitfield Prize for an outstanding first book, based on original and scholarly research on a British or Irish history topic, 2011.

 Journal Articles

Connell A, St Denny E & Martin S (forthcoming) ‘How can subnational governments develop and deliver distinctive policy agendas?’ Accepted for publication in International  Review of Administrative Sciences 2021.

Connell A, Martin S & St Denny E (2019) ‘Can meso-governments use metagovernance to deliver distinctive policy agendas?’ Policy and Politics 47,3 pp 437-454

Connell A, Martin S & St Denny E (2017) ‘How Can Subnational Governments Deliver Their Policy Objectives in the Age of Austerity? Reshaping Homelessness Policy in Wales’. The Political Quarterly, 88,3, pp 443-451

Connell A (2017) ‘Prelates as Part-time Parliamentarians: The Attendance and Participation of the Lords Spiritual in the Contemporary House of Lords’. Parliamentary Affairs 70, 2, 233-253

Connell A (2012) ‘Civil rights and social welfare: some thoughts on the contemporary relevance of TH Marshall’ The Political Quarterly , 83, 3 pp 551-559

In preparation: Connell A ‘Who do the Bishops speak for?’ (working title: an analysis of the role of the Lords Spiritual in the 2015 and 2017 Parliaments). For submission to Parliamentary Affairs.

 Book chapters

 Connell A (2020) ‘A “baffling task”: Archbishop Fisher and the Suez Crisis’ in Roger T,  Williamson P and Grimley M (eds) The Church of England and British Politics Since 1900. Martlesham,  Boydell and Brewer .

 Connell A (2017) ‘Kevin Rudd’ and ‘Tony Blair’ in Spencer N (ed) The Mighty and the Almighty: How political leaders do God. London, Biteback Publishing.

 Blogs for platforms including Wales Centre for Public Policy, Theos, and Institute of Welsh Affairs.

 Selected conference papers

Evidence Provision and Everyday Policymaking: Shaping Landscapes of Practice? Forthcoming; accepted for presentation at ECPR Joint Sessions, May 2021. 

Context, circumstance, and choosing your battlegrounds: lessons from Wales for distinctive subnational policymaking. Political Studies Association Annual Conference, Cardiff, March 2018

 Meso-level networked policymaking in interesting times: lessons from Wales. Political Studies Association Annual Conference, Glasgow, April 2017

 How can subnational governments deliver policy in the age of austerity? Reshaping Homelessness Policy in Wales. Government and Public Services in an Age of Fiscal Consolidation conference, Paris, December 2016

 A ‘baffling task’: Archbishop Fisher and the Suez Crisis.  The Church of England and British politics since 1900 conference, Durham University, August 2015.

 Using scenario-based role-play to teach politics to non-politics students. 6th Annual PSA/BISA Learning and Teaching Conference, London, September 2013