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Professor Marjorie Weiss

Professor Marjorie Weiss

Professor of Pharmacy Practice

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


I am interested in the way patients make decisions about taking medicines, how health care professionals’ make decisions about what [and whether] to prescribe and the use of education to change health care professionals’ behaviour.










Patient Decision-making about taking Medicines

  • Shared decision-making involving decisions about medicines (concordance) and the extent to which this occurs in practice.
  • The use of patient decision aids to facilitate patient involvement in decision-making.
  • The rationality of patient accounts when deciding not to start anti-hypertensive medication.
  • Women’s views on the effect of an increased range of suppliers of emergency contraception.

Health Care Professionals’ Decision-making

  • Non-clinical factors that influence the decision-making of general practitioners, such as why general practitioners prescribe when it is not clinically necessary.
  • How cost to the patient and overall health care costs influence general practitioners’ clinical decisions.
  • How pharmacy counter assistants facilitate or hinder over-the-counter medicine sales.
  • Nurses’ and doctors’ views of patient expectation for an antibiotic.
  • How changes in the health care system have affected the professional status of doctors and pharmacists.

Use of Education to Change Health Care Professionals’ Behaviour

  • To evaluate the use of educational interventions to improve the way health care professionals communicate with patients.
  • Adult learning and innovation in teaching practice as methods of changing health care professional behaviour.
  • The appropriateness of different outcome measures to assess the extent to which shared-decision making about medicine decisions has occurred.


Current supervision

Rebecca Bullingham

Research student