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Dr Connie Eng

Dr Connie Eng

ICS Senior Process Engineer

School of Physics and Astronomy


My research focuses on the development of nano- and micro-manufacturing techniques for III V semiconductor devices. I am setting up low-volume production lines for III V semiconductor-based devices for optoelectronic and electronic applications.


After graduating with a BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Swansea University, I worked as an Electrical Engineer at Motorola Technoplex, Penang, Malaysia. I later returned to Swansea University where I obtained my PhD.

My postdoctoral research at Swansea University was involved with inter-disciplinary research in using micro- and nano-fabrication using the Centre for NanoHealth’s clean room facilities, applied to microelectronics applications.

I joined Cardiff University as senior process engineer in Sept 2016. My main role is to work together with both academic and industrial users to develop advanced manufacturing processes for III-V semiconductor devices for opto-electronic and electronics applications.


  • PhD Engineering, Swansea University
  • BEng, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Swansea University
  • Diploma in Electronics Engineering, TAR College, Malaysia

Academic positions

  • Senior Research Officer, Centre for Nanohealth, Swansea University
  • Research Assistant, College of Engineering, Swansea University

I currently develop nano- and micro-manufacturing techniques for III-V semiconductor devices. I am working with the ICS team to develop low volume production lines for III-V semiconductor based devices for optoelectronic and electronic applications.

I have a wealth of experience in industrial collaboration, working with various industry partners on process optimisation and device manufacture. I have been a co-researcher investigator on £2.2million worth of projects from EPSRC, Innovate UK, KTP and A4B.