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Dr Peter Llewelyn

Dr Peter Llewelyn

Head of Production, Wales Research and Diagnostic PET Imaging Centre

Media commentator


Dr Peter Llewelyn is the Production Manager at PETIC and has nine years of experience working to GMP. He has successfully validated multiple radiopharmaceuticals, such as fallypride and FDOPA and different synthesis platforms such as the Trasis AIO and GE Fastlab2 alongside his co-workers while at PETIC.

He holds a PhD in supported heteropoly acids from Cardiff University, followed by two years working as a process research chemist at Clariant before working in pharmaceutical development at Norgine where he worked at a MHRA and FDA accredited site, where he manufactured potential new products, developed and validated new analytical methods before taking up his role at PETIC.

Peter enjoys running and regularly takes part in 5k to half marathon races in his spare time.



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