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Dr Daniel Mitchard


+44 (0)29 2048 2093
E2.22, Queen's Buildings - East Building, 5 The Parade, Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 3AA
Available for postgraduate supervision


I am a Lecturer at Cardiff School of Engineering. I am a particle physicist with research interests in the field of lightning physics and lightning engineering, and am based in the Morgan-Botti Lightning Laboratory, part of the Advanced High Voltage Research Centre, within the Electrical Engineering Department. My expertise is in the characterisation of high voltage and high current laboratory-generated lightning arcs, their interactions and related phenomena, using a variety of advanced optical, high-speed, schlieren and spectrographic techniques. My research is cross-disciplinary involving physics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry and material science and I work closely with other laboratories within the school of engineering, such as the Structural Performance Laboratory and the Wolfson Centre for Magnetics.

I am Head of Year 3 and a member of the Teaching Committee, and Industrial Lead and member of the Industrial Board for the Mechanical Engineering Department. I teach Engineering Control and laboratories, and have taught Matlab and Solidworks in the past. I supervise a number of undergraduate and postgradute sudent projects each year in a variety of engineering fields. This also includes heritage engineering project via the National Museum of Wales.


Career Overview

2021: Lecturer, Lightning Physics & Engineering
          Head of Year 3, Mechanical Engineering
          Industrial Lead, Mechanical Engineering

2019: Lecturer, Lightining Physics & Engineering
          Head of Year 3, Mechanical Engineering

2017: Research Fellow, Morgan-Botti Lightning Laboratory, and Teacher, Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, Cardiff University

2017: Research Fellow, Wolfson Centre for Magnetics, School of Engineering, Cardiff University

2015: Research Fellow, Morgan-Botti Lightning Laboratory, School of Engineering, Cardiff University

Education and Qualifications

2008: CPhys, Chartered Physicist, Institute of Physics, London

2006: PhD, Particle Physics, Swansea University at CERN, Geneva

2002: MPhys, Master of Physics, Swansea University

Professional memberships

MInstP, Member of the Institute of Physics, Institute of Physics, London.

Academic positions

Oct 17 onwards: Research Fellow, Morgan-Botti Lightning Laboratory, and Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, Cardiff University

Apr 17 - Sep 17: Research Fellow, Wolfson Centre for Magnetics, School of Engineering, Cardiff University

Jan 15 - Mar 17: Research Fellow, Morgan-Botti Lightning Laboratory, School of Engineering, Cardiff University

Speaking engagements

2018: Hay Festival

2016: CBC Dcoumentary "The Nature of Things"










EN4610/ENT465 Control
(Achieved 92% overall satisfaction and 95% on digital education in 2020/21)





PhD Students

Deflection and Vibration of Carbon Composite Materials Struck by Generated Lightning, Co-supervisor

Student Projects

Simulation of Mechanical Lightning Shock

Digital Image Correlation of Materials Struck by Generated Lightning

Funded projects

08/20-01/21: Visiting academic at the University of Florida, USA (suspended due to Covid-19 pandemic).

01/17-12/22: Lightning, an invisible driver of background tree mortality in the tropics. Co-investigator, NERC

11/16-11/17: Streak camera for high-speed spectral analysis of lightning. Co-investigator, RIF

01/15-12/16: Combined Travel Grants, Co-Investigator, Sêr Cymru NRN

Jan 15 – Dec 16: "Dynamic Capacitive Sensor for the Measurement of Millimetre Displacement of Carbon Composite Panels: Application to Aircraft Materials Subjected to Lightning Strikes" Co-Investigator, Sêr Cymru NRN

Apr 15 – Mar 17: "Musculoskeletal Research Centre" Co-Investigator, WEFO

Apr 14 – Jul 14: "GW4 Initiator Fund: Lightning" Co-Investigator, GW4 Initiator Fund

Jun 14 – Aug 14: "Optimisation of the Morgan-Botti Lightning Laboratory Control and Data Acquisition System" Co-Investigator, CUROP

Jun 13 – Dec 14: "Lightning Effects on Aerospace Carbon Composite Materials, the Next Generation of Materials and Components" Manager/Specialist, WEFO A4B

Oct 13 – Sep 15: "Develop Autonomous Load Cells through Power Management Electronics, Wireless Communication and Energy Harvesting Technologies for Monitoring Applications" Facilitator, KTP

2012-14: "Business Gateway, Knowledge Transfer Centre Extension" Co-Investigator, WEFO

2012: "Testing of Rucksacks" Co-Investigator, BCB International

2012: "Impact Strength Testing and Flow Testing" Facilitator, Fuel Defend Global

2009-12: "Knowledge Transfer Centre" Manager/Specialist, WEFO A4B

Public Engagement

07/21 - Sprties, elves and jets: the mysterious world of lightning. Scouts Cymru digital sessions.


Past projects