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Professor John Cleland Wylie

Emeritus Professor

School of Law and Politics


Professor Wylie holds the degrees of LLB and LLD from Queen's University Belfast and LLM from Harvard University.  He was Frank Knox Fellow at Harvard Law School and held a Fulbright Scholarship to the USA during 1966-67. Academic Appointments After various teaching posts at Belfast and Cardiff, Professor Wylie has held a chair of law at Cardiff since 1979.  He was Dean of the Faculty of Law at Cardiff 1980-83, Head of Cardiff Law School 1991-96, and Deputy Principal of University of Wales, Cardiff 1990-93. Professor Wylie is the leading authority on Irish property law and, apart from his work on law reform, has written the standard texts on land law, conveyancing and landlord and tenant law and practice (see publications below).  He was Editor of the Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 1970-76.







  • Wylie, J. C. W. 2001. The reform of Irish land law. In: Brady, J. C. et al. eds. Liber Memorialis: Professor James C. Brady. Dublin: Round Hall, pp. 371-382.