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Julie Townsend

UG Academic Support Tutor

School of Law and Politics

+44(0)29 2087 5444
0.33, Law Building, Museum Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3AX


I came to Cardiff in 1986 to study Law at UWIST which later merged with UCC to form the existing University. After graduating in 1989, I joined the academic staff at the Law School tutoring in Contract Law, Constitutional Law and English Legal System. Apart from one year, during which I undertook a Spanish Language course at the University of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, I have been at the Law School ever since! I am now the Academic Support Tutor for Undergraduate students in the Law School. This role involves assisting our students, and new staff, with the vast number of rules and regulations which determine student progression through university. I am a member of the Assessments Committee; the Teaching and Learning Quality Committee; the Student Progress Monitoring Committee; the Examination Special Circumstances Committee; the Student Cases Committee and the Staff Student panel. I assist at Examining Board meetings. My work requires involvement with colleagues from the University's Student Support Centre, Student Advisory, the Counselling Service, the Disability and Dyslexia Centre and the Academic Registry. I currently work 9a.m. until 3 p.m. around school hours for my young daughter. I have an open office policy from 10am until 12 noon almost every day so that students and staff can drop in without an appointment. I have an appointments policy outside of these hours although my door is usually open! During my time at Cardiff, I have been Module Director of Land Law for Integrated Schemes. Land Law is a feared and much maligned professional exemption module - it has, however, an inherent logic and is very much a jigsaw into which the pieces fall throughout the academic year. It gave me enormous satisfaction to witness our students mastering this module in spite of their own initially (and loudly) expressed reservations. (No one believes that I miss teaching Land - but I do.) I have also been Director of Law and Spanish. This role involved: teaching Spanish Legal System to second year students, who thereafter study at one of our partner universities in Spain - in Madrid, Oviedo and Leon; being responsible for the pastoral care of third year students abroad; negotiating the renewal of partnership contracts and forging relationships with academic staff in our parner universities. For many years I visited our partner universities to further our connections, to assess the progress of our students, to encourage equivalent Spanish students to elect to study in Cardiff and to lecture on the basic aspects of English Legal System. The visit, usually undertaken in springtime, was, of course, a perq' of the job. (Easier to believe that I miss this!) The city of Cardiff is a great place to live, to study and to work; if you have never been I suggest you do so......soon.