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Professor Keith Smith

Emeritus Professor

School of Law and Politics

Keith Smith has been a Professor of Law at Cardiff Law School, UK since 1996. He read law at the London School of Economics and was later awarded a DPhil by the University of Oxford. In 2010 he became Emeritus Professor at Cardiff Law School.

His principal publications are:

James Fitzjames Stephen: Portrait of a Victorian Rationalist (Cambridge, 1988);

A Modern Treatise on the Law of Criminal Complicity (Oxford, 1991);

Lawyers, Legislators and Theorists (Oxford, 1998);

The Oxford History of the Laws of England Victorian Volumes (Oxford, 2010);

Edited edition with Introduction and Commentary of Fitzjames Stephen's General View of the Criminal Law, 1863 (Oxford, 2014).

We are currently unable to retrieve the list of publications. Visit our institutional repository.