Dr Rachel Minto

Dr Rachel Minto

Research Associate

School of Law and Politics

Media commentator

Research Associate - Brexit and UK devolved politics

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I joined the Wales Governance Centre in October 2016 to undertake research into Brexit and UK devolved politics. Building on my background in EU politics and governance, I am now addressing questions surrounding the UK's withdrawal from the EU and the implications this will have for the politics and governance of a post-devolution UK. I'm particularly interested in exploring Brexit from a governance perspective, beyond focusing exclusively on what Brexit will mean in legal terms. I have recently been undertaking research into European networks and what Brexit will mean for UK-based actors who currently participate within these.

Most recent conference presentation: 'Advancing UK agendas through European networks: Agency, opportunity structures and the hidden European Polity', Political Studies Association: Theorising Brexit, 28th March 2018, research with Dr Paul Copeland (Queen Mary University of London)

Prior to joining the Wales Governance Centre, my research focused on EU politics and governance, as part of the Centre for European Law and Governance. From January 2013, I was a Research Associate on the project “Law, Science and Interests in European Policy-making” (LASI), an interdisciplinary research project funded by the European Research Council (PI: Prof. Stijn Smismans).  As part of this project, I focused on horizontal governance practices, specifically the Commission's Integrated Impact Assessment, policy evaluation and mainstreaming. I also undertook some sector-specific work for the project, focusing on processes of participation and the use of different types of expertise within European employment policy; including the creation and use of employment indicators.

As a complement to this governance research, I have a particular interest in gender and equality. This research builds largely on my PhD thesis on gender mainstreaming in the EU.

Engagement and knowledge exchange: I am actively involved in knowledge exchange between academics and policy-makers in Wales. I was awarded funding from the ESRC's UK in a Changing Europe initiative to continue and develop “EU Exchange Wales” from October 2015-Decemebr 2016; an initiative that I launched in 2013. EU Exchange Wales has continued into 2018, providing a regular forum for EU-related discussion between Cardiff University academics and Welsh Government policy-makers. For more information, please see the blogpost here. To keep up to date with the latest EU Exchange Wales sessions, please see here and #EUExchangeWales (@RA_Minto). Please contact me for further details.

In addition to EU Exchange Wales, I have also provided seminars and briefings on EU-related matters for Welsh Government officials, National Assembly for Wales Commission staff, Welsh MPs and Assembly Members. I have also provided evidence to Committees from the House of Lords, the House of Commons and the National Assembly for Wales in the context of Brexit.

Teaching: I have contributed to the following modules in the School of Law and Politics: Politics and Policies of the EU (BSc); Constitutionalism and Governance (MSc); Welsh Politics (MSc); Legal Foundations (LLB); Public Law (LLB); EU Law (LLB); European Law and Governance (LLM); Law of the Internal Market (LLM); EU Substantive Law (LLM).

I have also given guest lecture in the School of Social Sciences and the Business School.

My teaching has covered the following topics: various aspects of the politics, law and governance of the European Union; Brexit; non-discrimination and equality; gender; social policy; and, immigration and asylum.

Twitter: @RA_Minto

Contributions for governmental and parliamentary actors (recent selection)

16 February 2018: Submission of evidence to the National Assembly for Wales Committee on External Affairs and Additional Legislation inquiry on Wales’ future relationship with the European Union, with Dr Jo Hunt; evidence cited in Final Report, available here: http://www.assembly.wales/laid%20documents/cr-ld11491/cr-ld11491-e.pdf  

6 July 2017: Briefing for National Assembly for Wales Commission staff, “The UK’s withdrawal from the EU: The State of Play”

2 March 2017: Evidence to the House of Commons Committee on Exiting the European Union, with Prof. Roger Scully and Dr Jo Hunt, available here: http://parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/d765b05c-2315-4021-8876-0e44724e535b 

20 February 2017: Presentation at UK Government Civil Service Fast Stream Conference, “Brexit and intra-UK relations”, Office of National Statistics, Newport

7 February 2017: Evidence to the House of Lords EU Committee on the implications of Brexit for Wales, with Dr Jo Hunt, available here: https://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/lords-select/eu-select-committee-/news-parliament-2015/cardiff-visit-070217/. Final House of Lords Report here (including references to our evidence): https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201719/ldselect/ldeucom/9/9.pdf 

5 December 2016: Session with European Chairs UK (Chairs of all EU Parliamentary/Assembly Committees) on intra-UK relations, with Dr Jo Hunt, National Assembly for Wales

15 November 2016: Cardiff University Breakfast Briefing for National Assembly for Wales Assembly Members, Presentation on Brexit and Wales, with Prof. Roger Scully and Dr Jo Hunt, Tŷ Hywel (invitation from the Vice-Chancellor)

20 October 2016: Cardiff University Vice-Chancellor’s Breakfast Briefing for Welsh MPs, Presentation on Brexit and Wales, with Prof. Roger Scully and Dr Jo Hunt, Houses of Parliament, Westminster

Public events (recent selection)

14 December: Panel member (with Dr Jo Hunt, Dr Ed Poole and Prof. roger Scully) for “Brexit: Where are we now?” event at Yr Hen Lyfrgell / The Old Library, public event, supported by the ESRC’s The UK in a Changing Europe Initiative, available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaGbCvBf4x8 

24 June 2017: Panel member (with Dr Jo Hunt and Prof. Laura McAllister) for “Brexit: One Year On” event, organised by Eluned Morgan AM, Hay on Wye

19 June 2017: Panel member (with Huw Iranca-Davies AM, David Melding AM and Sian Jones from Newgate Communications) for Institute of Welsh Affairs and Newgate Communications event, “The 2017 General Election: What Next for Wales?”

Reports and other media (recent selection)

5 September 2017: “Come Together? Wales, Scotland and post-Brexit Governance in the UK”, with Jo Hunt, The UK in a Changing Europe website, available here: http://ukandeu.ac.uk/come-together-wales-scotland-and-post-brexit-governance-in-the-uk/

23 June 2017: “Wales and Brexit”, Contribution to PSA-UKICE Report, “EU Referendum: One Year On”, http://ukandeu.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/EU-referendum-one-year-on.pdf 

19 June 2017: “Thoughts on the Welsh Government’s Brexit and Devolution Policy Paper”, comments with Roger Scully and Jo Hunt, Cardiff University https://youtu.be/WPyOZhoEJws 

15 June 2017: Contribution to Golau (‘Light’), Cardiff University Podcast, “Thoughts on Brexit and devolution”, https://soundcloud.com/user-144128765/15-brexit-devolution    

30 March 2017: "So, what about this 'All UK' Brexit?", with Jo Hunt,  The UK in a Changing Europe website, available here:  http://ukandeu.ac.uk/so-what-about-this-all-uk-brexit/ 

1 March 2017: "Joyeuse Saint-David!", The UK in a Changing Europe website, available here: http://ukandeu.ac.uk/joyeuse-saint-david/

24 February 2017: Guest on Golau (‘Light’), Cardiff University Podcast, “A Red, White and Green Brexit”, https://soundcloud.com/user-144128765/02-a-red-white-and-green-brexit 


I completed my Ph.D. in Politics at the University of Bristol in 2012, funded by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council.  Entitled “Gender mainstreaming in the European Union’s Coordination of Immigrant Integration”, my Ph.D. research analysed and evaluated the interpretation of gender mainstreaming in the EU.  This included three months working as an intern at the European Women’s Lobby Secretariat in Brussels.

I have worked as Editorial Assistant for the Journal of Common Market Studies (JCMS) (2012), as well as compiling the online resources for students and lecturers to accompany the two most recent editions of the higher education textbook European Union Politics (3rd edition, 2010 and 4th edition, 2013), edited by Michelle Cini and Nieves Pérez-Solórzano Borragán (published by Oxford University Press).  I have also worked as a Researcher (intern) for the Vice-Chancellor at the University of Bristol (2011-12), focusing particularly on the internationalisation of higher education and research.

Qualifications: B.Sc. Physics (University of Birmingham); M.A. European Studies (European Research Institute, University of Birmingham); M.Sc. Social Science Research Methods (University of Bristol); Ph.D. Politics (University of Bristol).