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 Andrew Vincent

Andrew Vincent

Honorary Professor

School of Law and Politics

65-68 Park Place

Professor Andrew Vincent was formerly Professor of Political Theory at Cardiff University, where he was also Co-Director of the Collingwood and British Idealism Centre. He received his first degree from the University of Exeter and his PhD from the University of Manchester. He has been Visiting Fellow on several occasions at the Australian National University and also Visiting Professor in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is now Director of the Centre for Political Ideologies (in Sheffield University, set up jointly with a Centre in Oxford University) and is also a Director of the Political Studies Association Specialist Groups in Political Ideologies and British Idealism.

The main strands of his research are: Modern state theory, Contemporary political ideologies, Nineteenth and twentieth century political theory, Contemporary normative political philosophy, Nationalism and patriotism, Hegel and philosophical idealism, British Idealism, Environmental political theory, New liberal theory. Professor Vincent’s present research projects are: Human rights, British Idealism political philosophy, Political Ideology and Comparative political theory. He won the W J M Mackenzie Prize for his book The Nature of Political Theory, 2004.