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Dr Jane Davies

Dr Jane Davies

Senior Lecturer: Child and Young People

School of Healthcare Sciences

+44 (0)29 206 87662
13.19, 13th Floor, Eastgate House, Newport Road, Cardiff CF24 OAB


I work as a Senior Lecturer in the School of Healthcare Sciences. I am currently also a postdoctoral research fellow funded by RCBC Wales. My professional background is in children and young people’s nursing.


I have a background in children and young people’s nursing. Following 15 years in practice, I took up a post in education working first at the University of Chester before taking up an appointment at Cardiff University in 2001. I worked as a lecturer with significant involvement in developing simulated skills teaching in the context of children and young people’s nursing and became a Florence Nightingale Scholar in 2002. I then worked as Professional Head for Children and Young People’s nursing between 2007 and 2012 and completed an LLM in medical law in 2007. I was promoted to senior lecturer in the School of Healthcare Sciences in 2011 and completed a PhD in 2015 following a Cardiff University studentship award. In the final year of my PhD I was awarded a visiting researcher residency at the Brocher Foundation in Geneva where I collaborated with other researchers undertaking similar work from many different countries. Since then I have collaborated with colleagues at the University of new South Wales in Sydney having successfully obtained a European Oncology Nursing travel Award.

Honours and awards

Florence Nightingale Scholar 2002

PhD studentship 2012-2015

Visiting residency Brocher Foundation Geneva 2015

European Oncology Nursing Society travel award 2017

RCBC Wales postdoctoral fellowship

Professional memberships

Royal College of Nursing

















My teaching is linked to my work in medical law at undergraduate and postgraduate level, with an emphasis on; consent, refusal of treatment in minors, accountability and negligence in healthcare. Other teaching relates to my research and includes teaching at undergraduate and post graduate level and includes dissemination of my research findings.

My research interests focus on the experience of adolescents and young adults with cancer. My PhD explored the control of decision making during the cancer experience in this age group and I am currently publishing further work relating to key findings in this research study. My current funded research project (RCBC Wales), a two year part time funded study explores the role and needs of the partners of adolescents and young adults with cancer.