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Dr Benson Kariuki

Dr Benson Kariuki

Senior Experimental Officer in X-Ray Crystallography.

School of Chemistry

+44 (0)29 2087 0401
+44 (0)29 2087 4030


  • Structure: Polymorphism, supra-molecular assembly and structure-property relationships.
  • Solid state processes: crystal growth, phase transformations and solid state reactivity.
  • Materials: From organic salts to host-guest complexes.
  • Diffraction:   Single crystal diffraction, powder diffraction and diffraction physics.

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PhD, University of Cambridge (1990, W. Jones, Organic Solid State Chemistry). Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Liverpool (1990-94), University College London (1994-95), University of Birmingham (1995-99). Research Fellow in X-ray Diffraction, University of Birmingham (1999-2008). Appointed Senior Lecturer in X-ray Crystallography, Cardiff, 2008.


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CH0004 Inorganic and Redox Chemistry

CH3104 Introduction to the Solid State and Applications of Spectroscopy

CH2112 Forensic Chemistry

CH3407 Advanced Materials

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Polymorphs are fascinating because they represent special cases where the delicate balance between intra-crystal interactions gives rise to alternative results. Investigation of polymorphism provides some insight into the subtle interplay between the forces involved. An understanding of such interactions and the resulting structural patterns is clearly a prerequisite to materials design.

Of particular interest is reactivity in the solid state, with the ideal process occurring in crystalline materials. The results can be starkly different in comparison to reactions in the fluid state; for example, unique products may be obtained in pure form, i.e. uncontaminated by impurities or solvents. A distinct product may also be obtained for each form in polymorphic systems. An aim of the research in this area is to understand and subsequently control the crystallisation process in order to influence the reaction products.