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Dr Eva Elliott

Dr Eva Elliott

Research Fellow

Cardiff Business School

+44 29208 79138
+44 (0)29 208 75094


Health and regeneration, Health Impact Assessment, the determinants of health, social and economic change and health, lay knowledge and 'civic intelligence'.

Currently leads a research theme within the Cardiff Institute of Society, Health and Ethics entitled "The Determinants of Health and Regeneration" in CISHE. Much of the research in this theme draws on the experiences communities such as in Wales, where local expressions of global economic developments, such as the decline of the mining and steel industries, are associated with very poor health.

Current sub-themes in this area of research include:

  • The role of public health in current ideas about regeneration
  • The interrelationships between "health behaviours"   and the social, economic and environmental determinants of health inequalities
  • The role of community level factors, such as social networks, in mediating the impact of economic decline on individual health
  • The interplay of contested forms of knowledge in understanding health risks and assets
  • The impact on health and well being of local and national health policies, programmes, projects on inequalities in health
  • The role of history and place in understanding the health of people living in particular areas
  • Global factors that impact on health equity at a local level and the potential for local/national measures to counteract or address these


I am interested in supervising PhD students with an interest in:

  • Health and social and economic change
  • Health inequalities and the role of social action/dissent/community organising
  • Wellbeing and its cultural and policy representations
  • Co-production and participatory action research
  • Lay knowledge in the context of health and illness.

I am particularly interested in working in geographical areas which are typically marginalised/ stigmatised/othered in policy and media.  I welcome opportunities for comparison across the UK or internationally with regard to post-industrial communities/regions.


Professional memberships

Editor, Sociology of Health and Illness journal


















The Welsh Health Impact Assessment Support Unit: The Wales Centre for Health funds this capacity building project and its purpose is to develop and support health impact assessment, particularly within Local Authorities and regeneration initiatives, throughout Wales.

Evaluation of the Equity Training & Advocacy Grant Programme: The Cardiff Institute of Society, Health and Ethics (CISHE) has been commissioned by the Public Health Strategy Division at the Welsh Assembly Government to evaluate this pilot programme. The aim is to assess the feasibility of meeting stated objectives, to clarify the mechanisms driving the programme and to assess potential effectiveness. The evaluation team have adopted a $acirc;  theory of change$acirc;   approach to address what works, for whom and in what circumstances.

National Evaluation of Healthy Living Centres: The Tavistock Institute has been funded by the New Opportunities Fund (NOF) to lead an academic partnership to evaluate Healthy Living Centres throughout the United Kingdom. Cardiff University, under the management of Professor Gareth Williams, is leading the evaluation of HLCs in Wales. Funding has also been provided by the Welsh Assembly Government to ensure additional dissemination within Wales and to ensure that findings are placed within a Welsh policy context.

Neighbourhood, Social Deprivation and Mental Health: the mediating role of social cohesion

Performance Assessment and $acirc;  Wicked Issues$acirc;  : the case of health inequalities


Wales Office of Research and Development in Health and Social Care. Neighbourhood, social deprivation and mental health: the mediating role of social cohesion (PI with Fone D, Williams G.H).  £105,031. (2007-2008)

Welsh Assembly Government, Public Health Improvement Division. Evaluation of Community Food Co-ops (PI).  £39,676. (2005-2006)

National Assembly for Wales. Welsh Health Impact Assessment Support Unit, (1st phase) (Elliott E, Rolfe B, Palmer S, Williams G.H).  £65,000 per annum. (2001$acirc;  2003)

Wales Centre for Health. Welsh Health Impact Assessment Support Unit, (2nd phase) (Williams G.H. PI, with Elliott E).  £65,000 per annum. (2003-2006)

New Opportunities Fund & Welsh Assembly Government. National Evaluation of Healthy Living Centres (Williams G.H, Elliott E).  £60,000. (2002-2005)

Welsh Assembly Government, Public Health Improvement Division. Final Phase Evaluation of Health Living Centres in Wales (PI).  £24,402. (2007)

Chief Medical Officer for Wales. Health Impact Assessment: its impact on skills, knowledge and action (PI).  £6,400. (2003-2004)

Wales Office of Research and Development in Health and Social Care. A literature review of the impact of social capital and community development projects on the health and well-being of children and young people (PI with Lester C, Smith B, Williams G.H). (2002-2003)

Welsh Assembly Government. Evaluation of Equity Training and Advocacy Grants Programme (Moore L. PI, with Elliott E, Francis S, Williams G.H). (2003-2004)