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Professor Martin Innes

Professor Martin Innes

Co-Director (Lead) of the Security, Crime and Intelligence Innovation Institute

Media commentator


Martin Innes is Director of the Crime and Security Research Institute (, the Universities' Police Science Institute (, and a Professor in the School of Social Sciences.

His work in the following areas has been especially influential across the academic, policy and practice communities in the UK and globally:

  • Disinformation - leading a major international research programme to understand the causes and consequences of distorting and deceptive digital communications.
  • Counter-terrorism – he has pioneered the use of social media analytics to study processes of reaction to terror attacks, and his research has directly impacted the Prevent Strategy.
  • Neighbourhood Policing – designed many of the core processes and systems underpinning the Neighbourhood Policing model rolled out across England Wales.
  • Signal Crimes – creator of this influential theoretical perspective in Criminology.
  • Murder investigations – his PhD was the first major independent study of how police investigate and solve criminal homicides.


  • 2019: Fellow Academy of Social Sciences
  • 2015 to present Director Cardiff University Crime and Security Research Institute
  • 2014 to 2018: Academic Lead Welsh Crucible
  • 2014 to 2017: Academic member Professional Committee of the College of Policing
  • 2011 to 2014: Deputy Director (Research) School of Social Sciences, Cardiff.
  • 2011: Visiting Fellow Centre of Excellence in Policing & Security Australia
  • 2007 to present: Professor and Director, Universities’ Police Science Institute
  • 2004 to 2006:   Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Surrey
  • 2003 to 2005: Research lead, National Reassurance Policing Programme
  • 1998 to 2004: Lecturer in Sociology, University of Surrey






















Since 2007 Innes has been Principal Investigator or lead Co-Investigator on funded research to the value of approximately £10mill. Funders have included Economic and Social Research Council; European Commission; Home Office; Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Public Safety Canada; College of Policing.

Selected key publications:

Innes, M. Roberts, C., Lowe, T. and Innes, H. (in press, 2020) Neighbourhood Policing. Oxford Clarendon Press.

Innes, M. (in press, 2020) “Techniques of disinformation: Constructing and communicating ‘soft facts’ after terrorism”, British Journal of Sociology

Dawson, A. and Innes, M. (2019) “How Russia’s Internet Research Agency built its disinformation campaign”, Political Quarterly, 90/2: 245-56.

Innes, M., Roberts, C. and Lowe, T. (2017) “A disruptive influence: Prevent-ing problems and countering violent extremism policy in practice”, Law and Society Review, 51/2: 252-81.

Innes, M., Roberts, C., Preece, A. and Rogers, D. (2018) “Ten Rs of social reaction: Using social media to measure the post-event impacts of the murder of Lee Rigby”, Terrorism and Political Violence.

Innes, M. (2014) Signal Crimes: Social Reactions To Crime, Disorder and Control. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Innes, M. (2006) “Policing uncertainty: countering terror through community

intelligence and democratic policing”, Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (605) pp.222-41.

Innes, M. (2004) “Signal crimes and signal disorders: notes on deviance as

communicative action”, British Journal of Sociology. (55/3) pp. 335-55.

Innes, M. (2003) Investigating Murder: Detective Work and the Police Response to

Criminal Homicide. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

Impact Indicators

Research cited in Culture, Media and Sport Parliamentary Select Committee Report on ‘Fake News’ (2019) and in evidence presented to the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs concerning: “Undermining Democracy: Kremlin Tools of Malign Political Influence.”

Briefings to all relevant major government departments and agencies on research into the influence of social media following 2017 terrorist attacks (2017/18).

Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse – instructed as policing expert (2016).