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Dr Shwe Soe

Research Fellow

School of Engineering


Dr Shwe Soe is a Senior Project Officer within the Advanced Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies (ASTUTE) centre as well as a dynamic researcher in the High Value Manufacturing Group. Dr Soe has 20 years’ experience in Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and is expert at developing new and novel uses of this evolving technology. His recent research focused on the advanced understanding of the curling phenomenon and non-uniform shrinkage behaviour of a range of laser sintered materials for the successful fabrication of large and complex components. He has wide range of research interest in the field of AM and beyond including further development of AM processes, mechanical characterization of AM materials for FEA structural optimization, developing energy absorption materials and structures, and new software development to generate unique conformal cellular structures. His current IP aims to exploit multi-functional materials and functionally graded structures via AM process innovation for a wide range of industrial applications. His career has focussed on translating this technology to SMEs and large industry.
Mechanics, Materials and Advanced Manufacturing

I have 20 years both commercial and R&D experience in design, analysis, simulation and manufacturing operation in the field of Additive Manufacturing.

Senior Project Officer and Research Fellow, Cardiff School of Engineering – Jan 11 – present

  • As an ASTUTE (Advanced Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies) SPO I provide leadership and technical support to a team of project officers/academic researchers in developing industry-led research projects covering reverse engineering, design evaluation, FEA analysis, material selection and characterisation, manufacturing development, Additive Manufacturing and physical testing.
  • As a Research Fellow in the High Value Manufacturing Group I lead and develop multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborative projects focusing on the further development of AM technologies for end applications
  • PhD examiner at the Cambridge University 2018 (Title: Additively Manufactured Metallic Cellular Materials for Blast and Impact Mitigation)
  • Contributed in applying grant proposals and awarded totalling £800K
  • Run CAD and FEA courses and AM workshops

AM Technical Manager and Research Fellow, Manufacturing Engineering Centre – Feb 01 – Dec 10

  • Led a very successful commercial team offering commercial and contract research projects, generating annual income of £400K whilst serving more than 100 companies throughout UK
  • Managed all resources, from materials to staff, involving material requirement planning, the maintenance of the machines and equipment, allocating job to individual team members, subcontracting, quality assurance of fabricated items
  • Worked independently as well as with a team; evidently published two research articles as a sole author – (1) “Quantitative analysis on SLS part curling using EOS P700 machine”,J. Mater. Process. Technol.,(2012), (2) Improving dimensional accuracy in the production of a CastForm™ polystyrene pattern for investment casting, P I MECH ENG B-J ENG, (2010)
  • Research collaboration led BAE Systems to obtain a patent (EP2525187A1) and a joint article
  • Through flexibility towards hours of work and sacrificing my personal time ensured that assigned jobs are completed on time, within budget and to customer satisfaction
  • Engaged with students, academic colleagues, technical experts, management team, stakeholders and external customers on many levels, from directing work processes and managing personnel to discussing business proposals and advanced research techniques
  • Applied methodical and logical approach in solving problems via translating into short term and long term research projects; worked closely with machine manufacturers, material suppliers and research partners to share data and document knowledge and understanding

Higher Education

  • PhD in Additive Manufacturing, University of Sunderland, Nov 00; Thesis Title: “An Investigation into Sand Tooling Methods for the Production of Injection Moulded Prototype Parts”, skill acquired - CAD, FEA, AM processes, Moldflow; Appointed as an Industrial Researcher at the Automotive Institute following MSc
  • MSc in Competitive Manufacture, Distinction, University of Sunderland, Sept 96; Thesis Title: “Surface Finishing and Coating Techniques on Rapid Prototyping Parts
  • BEng in Mechanical Engineering, Yangon Institute of Technology in Myanmar, May 95

Technical Expertise and Skill

  • CAD Design – Creo Parametric, SolidWorks
  • Cellular Lattice Generation – 3 maticSTL, Netfabb, in-house developed scripts
  • Multiphysics FEA simulation – Abaqus, ANSYS, Creo Simulate, Autodesk Mechanical, Moldflow
  • AM software – Magic RP, Mimic, Simufact Additive, Simulia 3DExperience Platform, ANSYS Additive Print
  • Topology Optimisation – Abaqus Tosca, ANSYS (GSAM) and VRAND Genesis

Management and Technical Training Completed

  • Leadership and Management Development Programme for Research Team Leaders
  • Simufact Additive - Metal AM simulation software
  • Advanced Research Super Computing at Cardiff Uni - hardware and software
  • Creo CAD – Efficiency in solid and surface modelling techniques
  • Laser Sintering Systems – operate EOS P machines
  • CMM Metrology – operate Renishaw Revo 5-axis CMM machine and Equator systems
  • Vacuum Casting – MCP & Alchemie
  • Metal Spraying - Sulzer Metco & University of Warwick
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analyser – PerkinElmer
  • Taguchi MethodsTM – ASI Quality Systems

Frequently Review Papers for International Journals

Materials & Design, Journal of Engineering Manufacture, Rapid Prototyping Journal,  Journal of Material Science, Assembly Automation



















Current ASTUTE Projects

  • Qioptiq Limited - Additive Manufactured Cellular Lattice Design for Shock Isolation
    • Developing a unique and patentable shock isolation design, within a very limited volume, capable of reducing unprecedented shock loads to acceptable levels for military application. Applied CAD, FEA (Transient), SLM/EBM, Aluminium/Titanium, Machining, Low Cycle Fatigue Modelling and Testing
  • Moulded Foams & Campion Manufacturing (Safety Headwear) Ltd & DB Mouldings Ltd - Optimising Equestrian Helmets Performance
    • Developing a new generation of Equestrian Helmet utilising CAD, FEA Quasi-static and impact, Foam material testing and material modelling, SLS/FDM, Moldflow

Present Research Activities in the field of Additive Manufacturing and Design 

  • Presently developing low and high impact energy absorption structure utilising the state of the art cellular lattice structure software, topology optimisation methods, evaluation and development of new AM materials and their characterisations, and material modelling within Multiphysics FEA applications
  • Supervise four PhD and several undergraduate student projects covering the development of functionally graded structure and multi-functional materials – metals, plastics and elastomers - for impact applications
  • Development of Maura-ori “C3” cellular structure in SLS/FDM elastomers specifically for sport helmet via NFL funding in collaboration with Cambridge University
  • Investigating high strain rate mechanical properties of SLM/EBM/SLS/FDM/PolyJet materials and FEA material modelling and analysis with Sao Paulo University (Brazil)
  • Mathematical modelling and 3D heart printing with Glasgow University (Polyjet/FDM)
  • Non-Manifold Topology (NMT) conformal sheet-based cellular design software development within Cardiff Uni (Engineering & Architecture)
  • Evaluating AM Crystallographic Structure Performance within Cardiff Uni (Engineering & Chemistry)
  • Registered International Patent (WO2017/009646): multi material deposition of channelled closed cell structures for energy absorption applications (FDM)

Supervised Students





Developing Novel Materials to Enhance Motorcyclist Safety




Developing Multi-Material Structures for Enhanced Energy Absorption, for Application to Head Protection




Development of a Viscoelastic Material for Additively Manufactured Enhanced Helmet Liner

ADAMS, Rhosslyn



Using 'Digital' Materials to Establish a Novel Investigative Platform for Cardiac Arrest

AHMAD, Faizan



Integrated Eco-Design Decision Making for Sustainable Product Design




Development of a new composite powder material of cement additive with polyamide 12 for selective laser sintering

Aldahsh, Saleh



Effects of filler content and coupling agents on the mechanical properties and geometrical accuracy of selective laser sintered parts in glass bead-filled polyamide 12 composites

Mousah, Alkir



Investigation of orange peel phenomenon related to powder deterioration and relevant process parameters

Abid, Mahmud



Investigation of the "orange peel" phenomenon

Yusoff, Wan Ahmad Yusmawiza



Current supervision

Benjamin Hanna

Research student

Rhosslyn Adams

Research student