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 Paul Prickett

Paul Prickett

Senior Lecturer - Teaching and Research

School of Engineering

+44 (0)29 2087 5900
Available for postgraduate supervision


I was appointed to the position of Senior Lecturer in 2006. In this capacity I work across all of the areas associated with this role, with particular emphasis placed upon Innovation and Engagement activities. Most recently this has included the development of a state of the art metrology facility in collaboration with Renishaw. This facility is now crucial to the School’s teaching and research activities.

I am an active researcher with a strong record of attracting funding. Since 2006 I have contributed to projects to the value of some £4 million. The main area of this research activity is in condition monitoring and includes ongoing research in part funded by the EPSRC under the SUPERGEN project. I am an author on over eighty papers, which are evenly divided between journals and conferences

Marine Turbine Research: the on-going research in condition monitoring is being conducted within the EPSRC supported research program: Dynamic Loadings on Turbines in a Tidal Array (DyLoTTA). The Cardiff-lead condition monitoring work and the “Cardiff turbine” within which they were embedded made a significant contribution to the success of the wider research of the SuperGen UK Centre for Marine Energy Research. Our research is linking together government and public agencies, collaborating companies and universities with the intention of supporting more efficient commercially viable systems. This has a definite potential for future exploitation within this increasingly important sector.

Other condition and machine monitoring research: funded under two EPSRC Renishaw supported case studentships is supporting collaborative developments that will be demonstrated within Renishaw’s manufacturing facilities. This will rapidly advance the research by providing greatly increased opportunities for system deployment and testing. The transition from research laboratory to production environment offers the potential for direct collaboration and the clear demonstration of the benefits of the deployed systems.

I remain in the role of member of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Peer Review College. I have acted as a reviewer for academic journals, including Computers in Industry, IJPR and the IJAMT. I have acted as a reviewer for Conferences, including SDM, EWTEC/AWTEC and most recently PHM.

I continue to lead the MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering which involves me in wider activities within the University, including admissions policy and course delivery.






















  • Contracts
Title People Sponsor Value Duration
Design Feasibility study for a low velocity tidal stream turbine O'Doherty T, Mason-Jones A, Prickett P, Grosvenor R, Byrne C, M Allmark EPSRC 197888 01/01/18 - 30/09/19
Exploring marine energy supplying a stable electrical supply and promoting the economic growth in local communities surrounding Cozumel Channel O'Doherty T, Mason-Jones A, Prickett P, Grosvenor R, Byrne C, M Allmark British Council 15644 01/04/2018 - 31/03/2019
QUOTIENT, quantification, optimisation and environmental impacts of marine renewable energy Odoherty D, Odoherty T, Mason-Jones A, Pan S, Stoesser T, Bockelmann-Evans B, Ahmadian A, Grosvenor R, Prickett P, Byrne C Ser Cymru Bangor LCEE 61000 01/01/2015 - 30/06/2018
Dynamic Loadings on Turbines in a Tidal Array (DyLoTTA) O'Doherty T, Prickett P, Grosvenor R, Mason-Jones A EPSRC 452824 01/04/2016 - 31/03/2019
SUPERGEN: The effects of realisitc tidal flows on the performance and structural integrity of tidal stream turbines O'Doherty T, O'Doherty D, Prickett P, Grovesnor R, Byrne C, Mason-Jones A EPSRC 1382298 01/04/2012 - 30/09/2015
Tidal array cost reduction: Testing a removable nacelle design for DeltaStream Technology O'Doherty T, Mason-Jones A, Prickett P, Grosvenor R, Byrne C Innovate UK via EPSRC 101008 01/11/2015 - 31/10/2016
LCRI- Marine WP3 O'Doherty T, O'Doherty DM, Prickett PW, Grosvenor RI, Byrne C WEFO - LCRI Marine (WEFO) 366721 01/01/2010 - 31/03/2013
Astute - Advanced Sustainable Manufacturing Technology Naim M (CARBS), Setchi R, Bigot S, Brousseau E, Prickett P, Davies A, Bowen P, Packianather M, Grosvenor RI (with CARBS) WEFO 1903117 01/05/2010 - 30/04/2015
Managing the effects of tidal flows on the performance and structural integrity of marine current turbines O'Doherty T, O'Doherty D, Prickett P, Grovesnor R, Byrne C, Mason-Jones A Fujitsu 75000 01/10/2012 - 30/09/2015
The implementation of economic modular intelligent process controllers for localised data acquisition and analysis Grosvenor RI, Prickett PW KTP and Water Development Services Ltd 150066 06/11/2006 - 05/11/2009
Metrology Lab Prickett P Renishaw Plc 203747 02/12/2013 - 01/12/2016
To apply simulation, intelligent optimisation and fit manufacturing methods to engine manufacture, inspection and assembly, in order to investigate the impact of factors on production. Prickett P, Soroka A, (Prof D Pham) Ford Motor Company Ltd, KTP/Ford Bridgend 15931 01/09/2010 - 14/12/2013
Converging technologies for micro systems manufacturing - COTECH Prickett PW, Bigot S Commission of European Communities 245118 01/10/2008 - 30/09/2012
KTP: Simulation and optimisation for Ford Bridgend Prickett PW, Grosvenor RI, Soroka A Momenta/Ford Bridgend 143387 01/09/2010 - 31/08/2012

Supervised Students

Title Student Status Degree
Product Change Management - Enhances Organisational Performance From Accurate Product Information MORRIS Ashley Graduate PhD
Integrated Eco-Design Decision Making For Sustainable Product Design ROMLI Awanis Binti Graduate PhD
Influence Of Solidity On The Performance, Swirl Characteristics, Wake Recovery And Blade Deflection Of A Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbine MORRIS Ceri Elin Graduate PhD
Pre-Contract Risk Mitigation Strategies for Large Organisations DAWKINS Christian Current PhD
Optimisation of Tool Life through Novel Data Acquisition and Decision Making Techniques HILL Jacob Current PhD
Process Design and Planning: A Methodology for Sustainable Manufacturing and Customer Satisfaction ALEXOPOULOS Theocharis Current PhD
Machine Tool Axix Signals for Tool Breakage Monitoring JOHNS Curtis Graduate PhD
Stategies for Modern Data Acquisition Systems in Industrial Environments EYERS Daniel Roy Graduate MPhil
Grid Method Studies of the Geometrical Uncertainties in Free Form and Micro Processes MINEV Ekaterin Graduate PhD
Engineering Marine Turbine Condition Based Maintenance and Management Strategy ZATUETA Edith Current PhD
Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Nanosecond Fibre Laser Micromachining WILLIAMS Eleri Graduate PhD
SCADA Software-based Techniques for the Management and Improvement of Industrial Efficiency DAVIES Gwyn Robert Graduate PhD
The Generation and Control of Coil Break on Hot Rolled Coils as Encountered at the Pickle Line Stage of Processing MCKENZIE Hastings Wolfe Graduate EngD
Condition Monitoring Of Blast Furnace SHORT Jamie Graduate EngD
The development of structure-based tidal stream turbine condition monitoring systems HE Jianhao Graduate PhD
Intelligent Distributed Process Monitoring and Management Systems FRANKOWIAK Marcos Graduate PhD
Determining the Criteria for the Application of Unified Modelling Language to Legacy Systems JAMES Mark Philip Graduate MPhil
The Monitoring and Management of the Performance of a Tidal Stream Turbine ALLMARK Matthew James Graduate PhD
Fitness Of Simulation Advancing The Application Of Discrete Event Simulation Within The Automotive Industry HIGGINS Michael Graduate MPhil
Application of Intelligent Instrumentation in Process Plant Condition Monitoirng and Fault Diagnosis SHARIF Mohamed Adulla M Graduate PhD
Microcontroller-Based Transient Signal Analysis And Distributed System For Intelligent Process Monitoring AL-YAMI Mohammad Graduate PhD
Tip wear measurement and monitoring for AFM probe-based nano machining MUKHTAR Nur Farah Hafizah Binti Graduate PhD
Knowledge-based Approach To Risk Analysis In The Customs Domain LOUKAKOS Panagiotis Graduate PhD
Process Capability Management for Additive Manufacturing. O REGAN Paul Current PhD
Integrating Remanufacturing Decisions within Product Life Cycles ALGHAMDI Awn Current PhD
Intelligent Monitoring & Management of Light Sources EDWARDS Paul Martin Graduate PhD
Compact Information Technology Enabled Systems For Intelligent Process Monitoring AHSAN Qaisar Graduate PhD
dsPIC -based Digital Signal Processing Techniques & an IT-Enabled Distributed System for Intelligent Process Monitoring & Management SIDDIQUI Raees Ahmed Graduate PhD
Development and Validation of Powder Supply Chain OLEARY Richard Andrew Graduate MPhil
Reliability improvement techniques in a hot strip steel mill OWEN Robert Graduate EngD
Fit Manufacturing Data Mining and Machine Learning Applied to Brick Cutting SOMAN Sajith Graduate MPhil
Distributed Embedded System with Internet/GSM Connectivity for Intelligent e-Monitoring of Machine Tools AMER Waseem Graduate PhD
An integrated approach to tool life management. AHMED Zinah Jumaah Current PhD


  • Machine Tool and Cutting Process Monitoirng and Management
  • Condition Monitoring of Renewable Energy Systems

Current supervision

Paul O'Regan

Research student

Jacob Hill

Research student

Christian Dawkins

Research student

Theocharis Alexopoulos

Research student

Edith Rojo Zazueta

Research student

Awn harbi Alghamdi

Research student

Zinah jumaah Ahmed

Research student

Past projects

The condition monitoring diagnostic and prognostic research undertaken within the SuperGen project was initiated and based upon previous research in this area by the Intelligent Process Monitoring and Management Centre in ENGIN, of which I am a co-director. This work has previously supported ten PhD projects and has resulted in many publications.