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Prof Jim Poole

Royal Academy Prof.

School of Engineering


Jim has a wealth of experience in environmental science and sustainable development. For three decades he has promoted a multi-disciplinary approach to managing the environment and creating a sustainable future. Born in Cardiff, Jim graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Zoology, followed by an MSc in Applied Hydrobiology. After a successful career with Welsh Water in 1989 he became the Corporate Planning Manager for the Welsh Region of the National Rivers Authority and was heavily involved in setting up Environment Agency Wales to which he transferred in 1996. In 2002, he was appointed as Visiting Professor in Engineering Design for Sustainable Development at Cardiff University and in 2004 was seconded from the Environment Agency to Cynnal Cymru, the Sustainable Development Forum for Wales, as Policy Adviser. His main role is to manage Cynnal Cymru’s “Call to Action” programme, organising discussion between the general public and recognised experts to promote sustainable development in Wales. Mechanical, Manufacturing and Medical Engineering
Energy and Environment




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