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 Binliang Lin

Binliang Lin


School of Engineering

+44 (0)29 2087 4000

1988-90 Lecturer, Tianjin University, China 1990-95 Research Associate, Bradford University 1996-97 Senior Engineer, Babtie Group 1997-2010   Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader, Professor, Cardiff University 2003-04 Secondment to Halcrow Group Ltd, funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering 2011-  Professor, Cardiff University (part-time) Architectural, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Energy and Environment

Published 150 academic papers in journals(70) and conference proceedings Main or co-investigator of 33 research grants (£3,200k), with 12 being awarded by UK Research Councils Main or co-supervisor of 27 research students, in which 16 students awarded PhD degrees Awarded the Robert Alfred Carr Prize by the Institution of Civil Engineers for a research paper published in the Journal of Water Management in 2006 Visiting Professor of Beijing Normal University Member of EPSRC Reviewer’s College Committee Member of Hydroinformatics Section of International Association of Hydraulic Research (IAHR) Member of Editorial Board of Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers, Water Management (since  2006) Member of the Review Board of the Journal of Hydraulics Research,IAHR (1998-2002)





















Fyde coast study - economic evaluationProf RA Falconer, Dr BL LinWRc Plc 250026/03/2001 - 30/04/2001
Selective transport and reactivity of sediment contaminants: A test bed for coupling hydrodynamics and geochemistryDr BL Lin, Prof RA FalconerEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council 15899819/09/2005 - 17/12/2008
Cloud to Coast C2C: Integrated modelling of the fate and transport of faecal organismsFalconer R, Lin BNERC via Sheffield49994301/03/2011 - 31/12/2014
LCRI Marine - Hydro-environmental AssessmentFalconer R, Lin BL, Bockelmann-Evans B, Pan SWEFO - LCRI Marine157657501/01/2010 - 31/03/2013
Severn Estuary model DIVASTFalconer RA, Lin BLEnvironment Agency 240001/04/2005 - 31/03/2006
Multidisciplinary research in tidal stream energy - marineFalconer RA, Lin BL, Bockelmann-Evans BNNational Assembly for Wales (KEF)3000112/02/2007 - 30/06/2008
Environmental monitoring and modelling in Carmarthen bayFalconer RA, Lin BL, Bockelmann-Evans BN, (with University of Wales Aberystwyth)The National Assembly for Wales (European Regional Development Fund)2500001/09/2002 - 31/12/2004
Flood risk management (FRMEC) phase 2Falconer RA, Lin BLEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council29716201/01/2008 - 01/01/2011
Multidisciplinary research in tidal stream energy - marineFalconer RA, Lin BL, Bockelmann-Evans BNNational Assembly for Wales (KEF)3000112/02/2007 - 30/06/2008
Arup/RAEng Chair - Hydro Engineering ResearchLin B LOVE ARUP & PARTNERS11600001/01/2009 - 31/12/2013
Sonic characterisation of water surface waves, turbulence, mixing and bed friction in shallow water flowsLin BL, Falconer RAEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council38929101/08/2009 - 31/07/2012
Multidisciplinary research in tidal energy - marineProf R Falconer, Dr BL Lin, (with University of Swansea)National Assembly for Wales (KEF)5394912/02/2007 - 30/06/2008
Impact of diffuse and point source pollution on coastal watersProf RA Falconer, Dr BL LinRoyal Society 1752001/04/2002 - 01/04/2005
Ayrshire coast case study - Economic evaluationProf RA Falconer, Dr BL LinCREH Ltd 300001/08/2001 - 01/10/2001
Severn Estuary model DIVASTProf RA Falconer, Dr BL LinEnvironment Agency 999901/04/2005 - 31/03/2006
Computer aided data discovery techniques in Hydro-Environmental modellingProf RA Falconer, Dr BL LinEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council 9876401/06/2001 - 31/05/2003
Flood risk management research consortiumProf RA Falconer, Dr BL Lin, (with Heriot-Watt University & University of Bristol & University of Sheffield & University of Nottingham & University of Manchester & Lancaster University & University of Bradford & University of Plymouth)Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council 12703901/09/2004 - 01/09/2007
Flooding and coastal defencesProf RA Falconer, Dr BL Lin, (with University of Loughborough)British Embassy Tokyo 522301/10/2006 - 31/03/2007
Predictive Irish Sea models (PRISM)Prof RA Falconer, Dr BL Lin, Dr BN Bockelmann-EvansThe National Assembly for Wales (European Regional Development Fund)1136901/06/2003 - 31/05/2006
Modelling the fate and transport of particles in waterProf RA Falconer, Dr BL Lin, Dr CAM Wilson, (with University of Wales Aberystwyth & University of Leeds & University of Wales Lampeter)Environment Agency 4800001/05/2001 - 01/01/2003
Hydroenvironmental processes of tidal energy and riverine managementProf RA Falconer, Dr CAM Wilson, Dr BL LinNatural Environment Research Council 18147330/06/2005 - 29/06/2006
Sediment transport of Ribble estuaryProf RA Falconer, Dr BL LinEnvironment Agency 540001/09/2001 - 30/11/2001
MARENBockelmann-Evans BN, Falconer RA, Lin BLCommission of European Communities27786501/04/2009 - 31/03/2012

Supervised Students

Model Development for River RestorationBOCKELMANN Bettina NicoleGraduatePhD
Wave-Induced Currents and Sediment Transport on Gravel and Mixed BeachesANTONIADIS ChristosGraduatePhD
A 2D Finite Volume for Groundwater Flow Simulations: Integrating Non-Orthogonal Grid Capacity into MidflowLOUDYI DalilaGraduatePhD
Development of an Integrated Hydro-environmental Model and its Application to Macro-tidal EstuaryYUAN DekuiGraduatePhD
Environmental Hydroinformatics Tools for Water Quality Management.HARRIS Emma LowriGraduatePhD
Study Of The Hydrodynamic Processes Of Rivers And Floodplains With ObstructionsTEO Fang YennGraduatePhD
Experimental And Numerical Analysis Of River Lake System and Non-Traditional Water Usage In A New Eco-CityWANG FeiGraduatePhD
Numerical Modelling of Hydrodynamic and Sediment-Bacteria Interaction Processes in Estuarine and Coastal WatersGAO GuanghaiGraduatePhD
Development Of A Physics-based Morphodynamic Model And It's Application To Braided RiversYANG HaiyanGraduatePhD
Physical and Numerical Modelling Study of meandering in Fluval RiversKUANG HongweiGraduatePhD
Development of an Integrated Free Surface and Groundwater Flow Model.EBRAHIMI KumarsGraduatePhD
Development of Hydroinformatics Software Tool Enteric BacteriaTransport Modelling Associated With Sediment TransportYANG LeiGraduatePhD
Data Driven Modelling for Environment Water ManagementSYED Mofazzal HaiderGraduatePhD
Numerical Modelling of Wind-Induced Circulation in Lakes and ReservoirsKOCYIGIT MusteydeGraduatePhD
Modelling of Water Quality and Sediment Transport in Aquatic Basins Using an Unstructured Grid SystemKOCYIGIT OnderGraduatePhD
Three Dimensional Modelling of Flow and Disinfection in Chlorine Contact TanksAMINI RaminGraduatePhD
Modelling Hydroynamic & Baceterial Processes through Linked River, Floodplain & Coastal System: with Particular Application to Marine Turbines, BreachAHMADIAN RezaGraduatePhD
Fate and Behaviour of Heavy Metals in the Humber EstuaryGUNAPALA Sasamukhi RundhiGraduatePhD
Modelling of Flood Flows Through Hydraulic Structures And Interaction With SedimentFAGHIHIRAD ShervinGraduatePhD
Modelling of Flood Flows Through Hydraulic Structures And Interaction With SedimentFAGHIHIRAD ShervinGraduatePhD
Development Of A Refined Linked 1-D/3-D Computational Fluid Dynamics Model Predicting the Faecal Indicator Organism Levels in River and Coastal WaterTEDJAKUSUMA TeddyThesis SubmittedPhD
Integrated 2D-3D Free Surface Hydro-Environmental ModellingKAMALIAN Ulrich RezaGraduatePhD
Development of a Model for Predicting Wave-current Interactions and Sediment Transport Processes in Nearshore Coastal WaterNAVERA Umme KulsumGraduatePhD
Physical and Numerical Modelling Flow of 3D and Mixing Processes in Contact TanksRAUEN William BoninoGraduatePhD
Hydro-Environmental Modelling Of The Arabian Gulf And Kuwait BayAL OSAIRI YousefGraduatePhD
A Modelling Investigation Into The Water Exchange Timescales In Estuarine WatersREN Yuheng (Jenny)GraduatePhD