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Dr Jamie Lewis

Research Assistant

School of Engineering


Jamie graduated from the University of Glamorgan in 2003 with a 1st class (Hon’s) in Electronic and Communications engineering. During this time he specialised in embedded systems development and produced a final year project based on the internet enabling of embedded data logging systems. After graduation, Jamie spent a number of months as an embedded systems consultant with the University of Glamorgan’s Centre for Electronic Product Engineering (CEPE) developing hardware and software for an RFID reader before being offered an EPSRC funded Ph.D. He undertook his Ph.D. in the Finite Element modelling of ultrasonically induced cavitation events, with particular reference to industrially viable cleaning applications. During this time, Jamie produced a number of academic conference and journal papers, as well as some less formal publications, explaining the science of cavitation to a wider audience. He completed his Ph.D. in 2007. After completing his research work, Jamie took a break from academia, serving as Director of Studies in a foreign language school in northern China for 18 months before returning to the UK and working in industry developing SAP R3 software applications, supervising operations and developing continuous improvement projects with a major electronics retailer. Jamie is now involved with Cardiff university`s Geoenvironmental Research Group project ‘SEREN’ and is engaged in examining both numerical and analytical solutions to ground source heat exchangers.
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