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Dr Jeremy Hall

Dr Jeremy Hall

Lecturer - Teaching and Research

School of Engineering

+44 (0)29 2087 5933

Expertise in: - Saturated iron Fault Current Limiters - Development, testing and standards associated with magnetic materials - Magnetic techniques for non-destructive testing - Applications of magnetic materials in devices - Energy efficiency optimisation by appropriate selection of magnetic materials Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Energy and Environment

CTO for Faultcurrent Ltd., a university technology based spin-out company supported by FusionIP Ltd.

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Development of systems for improved process consistency for electrical steelsProf AJ Moses, Dr P Anderson, Dr JP HallCogent Power Ltd 4777801/10/2006 - 01/10/2009
Wolfson Centre for Magnetics TecnologyDr F Al-Naemi, Dr J P Hall, Dr P Anderson, Prof AJ MosesNational Assembly for Wales10000030/04/2007 - 30/04/2008
Static and dynamic observation of magnetic domain structures in soft magnetic powder composite materialsDr J P Hall, Dr P Marketos, Dr P I Williams, Prof AJ MosesCERAM Research Ltd500024/02/2007 - 24/05/2007
Enhanced Industrial magnetic design service for SMEsDr JP Hall, Prof AJ MosesEducation and Learning Wales 14498501/12/2001 - 31/07/2002
Electro magnetic compliance testing for SME's (Objective 2)Moses AJ, Hall JPThe National Assembly for Wales (European Regional Development Fund)10752701/07/2003 - 30/06/2006
Wolfson Centre for Magnetics TechnologyMoses AJ, Hall JPWelsh Development Agency 30000001/05/2001 - 30/04/2007
Electro magnetic testing for SME's (Transitional)Moses AJ, Hall JPThe National Assembly for Wales (European Regional Development Fund)3554201/07/2003 - 30/06/2006
Magnetostrictation and transformer noise (II)Moses AJ, Anderson P, Hall JPCogent Power Ltd2129324/09/2007 - 23/03/2012
Assessment and development of magnetic markersMr JP Hall, Prof AJ Moses, Dr PI WilliamsCogent Defence Systems 550005/02/2001 - 14/03/2001
Domains and microstructures in electrical steelsProf AJ Moses, Dr PI Williams, Dr JP Hall, Dr P AndersonCogent Power Ltd 1565401/10/2006 - 28/02/2010
Feasibility study of electromagnetic design of components for novel copier unitProf AJ Moses, Mr JP Hall, Mr F Al NaemiCoils UK 120001/07/2001 - 01/08/2001
Development of new magnetic materials and composites by advanced materials fabrication processesHall J, Evans SSer Cymru NRN Swansea5700001/07/2014 - 30/06/2017
Variable Inductor and TransformerHall JPCardiff Partnership Fund2692101/08/2010 - 31/07/2011
Cogent power magnetics research laboratoryHall JP, Anderson P, Moses AJCogent Power Ltd 20400001/01/2006 - 30/09/2013
Magnetostrictation and transformer noise (I)Hall JP, Anderson PI, Moses AJCogent Power Ltd4600024/09/2007 - 23/03/2011
Assessment of the effects of building factor and material defects on transformer core lossesHall JP, Anderson PI, Marketos P, Moses AJThyssen-Krupp Stahl20000001/10/2006 - 01/10/2009
Creep Dislocations in Electrical Steels (PhD)Hall JP, Evans SLCogent Power Ltd5207001/01/2010 - 31/12/2012
Assessment of the effects of building factor and material defects on transformer core lossesHall JP, Marketos P, Anderson PI, Moses AJThyssen-Krupp Stahl832501/10/2006 - 30/09/2010
Magnetic testing of lamination ring and steel barsHall JP, Marketos P, Jiles DC, Moses AJIMRA Europe sa179010/12/2007 - 10/01/2008
Cogent power magnetics research laboratoryHall JP, Moses AJ, Anderson PICogent Power Ltd2511501/01/2006 - 31/12/2008
Advanced electric machines through materialsHall JP, Moses AJ, Anderson PIDepartment of Trade & Industry 10031926/05/2005 - 25/08/2007
Strategic partnershipHall JP, Jiles DC, Anderson PI, Moses AJ,Cogent Power Ltd17500003/02/2009 - 02/02/2011
Wolfson Centre for Magnetics TechnologyProf AJ Moses, Dr JP HallWelsh Development Agency 30000001/05/2001 - 30/04/2004
Grain to grain field and loss variation in electrical steelsProf AJ Moses, Dr JP Hall, Dr P AndersonCogent Power Ltd 4777801/10/2006 - 01/10/2009
Magnetic domain observation and analysis for powder coreProf AJ Moses, Dr JP Hall, Dr PI WilliamsDaido Steel Co Ltd 400001/10/2005 - 01/03/2007
Investigation on the influence of transformer applications and steel manufacturing parameters on magnetostrication, transformer noise and losses in grain oriented silicon steelsAnderson P, Hall JBaoshan Iron & Steel Co Ltd35000001/01/2014 - 31/12/2016
Development of novel techniques for the assessment of inter laminar resistance in transformer and reactor coresAnderson P, Hall JCogent Power Ltd7849901/10/2011 - 30/09/2014
Investigation of the effect of manufacturing parameters on the magnetic properties of motor laminations for automotive applicationsAnderson P, Hall JTATA Steel8918801/03/2012 - 01/12/2012
Study of Effective Methods of Characterisation of Magnostriction and its Fundamental Effect on Transformer Core Noise and VibrationAnderson PI, Hall J, Moses AJ,Various Industries31500001/07/2010 - 01/07/2013

Supervised Students

Mechanical Properties of Nano-structured Porous/Composite MaterialsALBAAJI Amar Jabar BadrCurrentPhD
Development of Novel Techniques for the Assessment of Interlaminar Resistance in Transformer and Reactor Cores.HAMZEHBAHMANI HamedGraduatePhD
Investigation of Acoustic Noise and Power Losses in Next-Generation Transformer CoresSHAHROUZI HamidCurrentPhD
The Effects of High Temperature Coil Anneal Processing Parameters on the Quality of Grain Oriented Electrical Steel.CASSEMIS Lance Thomas LiamGraduateEngD
Evaluation of Strucrural Integrity of Steel Components by Non-Destructive Magnetic MethodsMIERCZAK Lukasz PiotrThesis SubmittedPhD
Development Of Fe-50Co Alloy And It's Composites By Spark Plasma SinteringMANI MaheshGraduatePhD
Prediction Of No-Load Lossess Of Stacked 3-Phase, 3-Limb Transformer CoresBALEHOSUR ManjunathGraduatePhD
Study of Dislocations From Continuous Flattening Anneal And It's Effect On Magnetic Properties Of Grain Oriented Electrical SteelRAMANATHAN SreevathsanGraduatePhD
Investigation Of The Influence Of Magnetostriction And Magnestic Forces On Transformer Core Noise And VibrationPHOPHONGVIWAT TeeraphonGraduatePhD
Localised Variation of Magnetic Properties of Grain Oriented Electrical SteelsXU XintongGraduatePhD