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Dr Samuel Bigot PhD, MEng

Dr Samuel Bigot

PhD, MEng

Senior Lecturer - Teaching and Research

School of Engineering

Available for postgraduate supervision

Since the beginning of my academic career, I have been focusing my research on innovative and emerging manufacturing technologies and in particular machine learning, micro manufacturing and 3D printing, combining them when relevant.

This highlights a particular aspect of my research activities. The machine learning techniques I am developing can be seen as enabling-technologies that can be used for modelling and knowledge discovery in other research fields, but in particular in my main other area of interest, micro manufacturing.

At the same time, the micro manufacturing process chains I am developing also act as enabling-technologies for other field of research, such as for the development of novel medical devices or in thermo-fluidic applications.

More recently, I have also been looking at how to integrate emerging 3D printing techniques into more advanced and reliable manufacturing process chains, such as through the post processing of metal ALM components using laser ablation or through the development of novel material for 3D printing

This wide range of activities is reflected by the range of joint publications I contributed to and by the range of co-authors coming from various research disciplines that I worked with on various interdisciplinary project, both as coordinator and as co-investigator. These projects covered different aspects of technologies development from fundamental research to technology transfer and networking activities.

Professional memberships

Received, from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (USA), the 2007 SME Kuo K. Wang Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award.

Received a fellowship funded by the Research Councils of the United Kingdom to conduct research in Innovative Manufacturing.

Member of the Conference committee of the International Conference on Management of Innovative Technologie MIT, Slovenia.

Reviewer for international journals and conferences, in particular:

  • Journal of Systems and Control Engineering
  • Journal of Engineering Manufacture
  • Multi-Material Micro Manufacture (4M) Network conferences

















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  • Pham, D. T., Dimov, S. S. and Bigot, S. 2002. A new pruning technique for inductive learning. Presented at: Proceedings of the 3rd CIRP International Seminar on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering(ICME 2002), Ischia, Italy. pp. 449-454.


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Visiting Fellowship - Prof IH WittenBigot SRoyal Academy of Engineering440221/04/2012 - 20/05/2012
RCUK FellowshipsBigot SEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council10219601/06/2005 - 31/05/2010
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Supervised Students

Numerical Simulation And Optimisation Of Micro-EDM Using Geometrical Methods And Machine LearningSURLERAUX Anthony BenoitGraduatePhD
A Novel Rule Induction Algorithm With Improved Handling Of Contuinuous Valued AttributesPHAM Dinh TrungGraduatePhD
Grid Method Studies of the Geometrical Uncertainties in Free Form and Micro ProcessesMINEV EkaterinGraduatePhD
Machine Scheduling Using The Bees AlgorithmPHRUEKSANANT JanyaratGraduatePhD
Operational Research MethodsJONES RachelCurrentEngD
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Micro Manufacturing (Laser Ablation, micro EDM, modelling/simulation)
  • Additive Layer Manufacturing/3D Printing
  • Machine learning/Artificial Intelligence applied to manufacturing