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Bethan Pell

Research Associate, DECIPHer

School of Social Sciences


I work as a Research Associate across Cardiff University's School of Social Sciences Centre for the Development and Evaluation of Complex Intervention for Public Health Improvement (DECIPHer).

I have interests in domestic violence, dating and relationship violence and mental health. I also have a particular interest in children and young people and other vulnerable groups.

I use a qualitative, mixed method and participatory/creative/visual methods approach to research design and analysis.

I feel passionately about building and developing the evidence-base for academics, policy-makers, commissioners and practitioners about what works to address and improve the outcomes of groups at risk of violence and abuse.









Pell, B; Phillips, R; Williams, D; Sanders, J; Taylor, A; Choy, E; Edwards, A; Grant, A (2020): Using Visual Timelines in Telephone Interviews: Reflections and Lessons Learned from the Star Family Study. International Journal of Qualitative Methods

Williams, D; Webber, J; Pell, B; Grant, A; Saunders, J; Choy, E; Edwards, A; Taylor, A; Wu, M; Phillips, R (2019): "Nobody knows, or seems to know how rheumatology and breastfeeding works": Women's experiences of breastfeeding whilst managing a long-term limiting condition- a qualitative visual methods study. Midwifery

Phillips, R; Williams, D; Morris, D; Grant, A; Pell, B; Sanders, J; Taylor, A; Choy, E; Edwards, A (2018): Reaching a consensus on research priorities for supporting women with autoimmune rheumatic diseases during pre-conception, pregnancy and the post-partum period: A rapid review and Nominal Group Technique exercise with lay and professional stakeholders

Phillips, R; Pell, B; Grant, A;  Bowen, D; Sanders, J; Taylor, A; Choy, E; Williams, D; (2018): Identifying the unmet information and support needs of women with autoimmune rheumatic diseases during pregnancy planning, pregnancy and early parenting: A mixed-methods study