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Dr Heledd Lewis

Dr Heledd Lewis

Senior Clinical Tutor and Senior Lecturer

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I am a Senior Clinical Tutor and Consultant Clinical Psychologist. I have over 20 years post qualification experience in working with adults with mental health problems. I have worked with adults with a variety of difficulties- psychosis, hearing voices, trauma, anxiety, OCD, depression, health anxiety, neuropsychological difficulties etc. I was a lead psychologist in acute services and crisis teams for 10 years and also have experience in working for a number of years with long term mental health problems in a rehab and recovery setting, and working with adults, children, young people and families within clinical health (medical) settings. 
I have specialist experience in working with individuals with psychosis and their families, (trained in Cognitive behavioural therapy for psychosis and Behavioural Family Therapy), working with children, young people and families who are affected by visible difference and appearance distress and also in working with adults within cancer and clinical health settings, (trained in CFT and ACT).
I also have significant experience in helping teams develop team formulations to help understand ‘stuck’ points for the team and clients within the system. 
My training and experience ensures a rigorous quality of assessment and treatment and is governed by the Health and Care Professions Council, the British Psychological Society and the Association of Clinical Psychologists, (ACP). 


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