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Dr Hui Situ


Cardiff Business School

Available for postgraduate supervision


I am a lecturer in Accounting in the Cardiff Business School. Prior to join to CBS, I have been teaching and tutoring in the area of both financial and management accounting in a number of universities in Australia. I believe educators should encourage student-centred learning by allowing students to share in decisions and believing in their capacity to lead learning activities. The core value of my teaching philosophy is to engage students and look to share cutting-edge knowledge with them in innovative ways.

I am an early career researcher with a record of excellent research experience. I has published a number of papers in top academic journals and refereed books.  My earlier paper about Chinese regulation of corporate environmental disclosure was awarded the 2018 Reg Mathews Memorial Prize from the Social and Environmental Accountability Journal. I am currently on the editorial board of Accounting Forum, a high-ranking accounting journal.

I also have nearly 10 years of professional experience in industry which adds value to my teaching and research.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Accounting), Flinders University, Australia
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), Flinders University, Australia
  • Bachelor of Law, Jinan University, China
  • Bachelor of Management in Accounting, Jinan University, China

Academic positions

2016 - 2021: RMIT University, Australia

Committees and reviewing

Editorial Board, Accounting Forum







My main interest in research is in contributing to the improvement of the transparency of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting. CSR reporting is a useful tool to encourage organisations to take their CSR more seriously. However, unlike the much more highly regulated context of financial reporting, CS reporting is largely voluntary, and its transparency is influenced by numerous factors that tend to obscure researchers’ views of underlying causalities. My research interest focuses on exploring how contextual factors influence CSR reporting and investigating how companies manage the competing influences from different stakeholders, in terms of this type of reporting. The majority of my research to date examines whether the competing influences have the potential to together improve the transparency of CSR reporting in a state capitalist country like China.

In addition, I am currently a primary contributor to a Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) project which aims to develop an innovative SDG reporting framework.


Research Interest and expertise

  • Sustainability, Carbon Accounting, Social and Environmental Accounting
  • Corporate social responsibility and risk management
  • Accounting Theory (especially stakeholder theory and critical theory)
  • Environmental Regulations and Policies
  • Accounting and management in Chinese context
  • Critical perspective on accounting
  • Critical discourse analysis