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 Molly James

Molly James

Research Associate in Coastal Seas

Available for postgraduate supervision


I am a marine scientist specialising in marine systems modelling. My research interests span a range of topics, including marine ecology, spatial connectivity, species distributions, and small-scale bio-physical interactions.

I have joined Dr. Mitra at Cardiff University in the exciting challenge of building an internationally renowned cross-disciplinary group in Wales: the MixoHUB. The main goal will be to undertake end-to-end research focused on understanding and utilizing the mixoplankton centric paradigm in marine ecology to support a range of environmental and societal issues.

My PhD research focussed on incorporating larval behaviours in biophysical models of larval transport that best reflect in-situ observations of vertical distribution patterns.  During my PhD I developed novel methods of parameterising behaviour in Lagrangian particle trackers, based on a ‘pattern-matching’ approach as opposed to lab-based observations of larval swimming. 

I have also used particle tracking techniques to infer the source locations of marine microplastics in the Carribean, and track the trajectories of marine pollutants.

I am currently working with the coastal ocean circulation model, FVCOM to explore ocean dynamics

I recently joined the MicoHUB project lead by Dr. Mitra as Postdoc Researcher. MixoHUB is a Welsh Government funded Sêr Cymru Capacity Building Accelerator Award entitled “Living with the Perfect Beast; establishing MixoHUB, a centre of excellence for mixoplankton research in Wales”. Its main goal is to establish of a unique and impactful research group, for combined empirical and in silico research on the new mixoplankton paradigm.  My role in this group is to incorporate the mixoplankton paradigm into 3D ocean models


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