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Dr Gustavo Sousa Ramirez

Dr Gustavo Sousa Ramirez

Research Associate


My research focuses on the analysis of strategies to decarbonise housing stocks. This includes the further study of thermal flow and energy demands, as well as the integration of occupant behaviour, for representing indoor performances and processes of household decision-making. One of the major outcomes of my recent research has been the development of EnHub, an open-source simulation platform that processes survey data, and generates volumetric archetypes representing the housing stock, in an attempt to systematically perform parametric evaluations (incl. sensitivity analysis, evaluation of scenarios), and to integrate more sophisticated models of occupancy and usage (e.g. agent based models of household interactions and of diffusion of technology).

My current active projects are:

  • Transforming Resilience Across Water and Food System / funded by HEFCW Global Challenge Research Fund
  • Digitisation of Construction Regulations / funded by Building Research Establishment Ltd


Education and qualifications

2013-2017: PhD in Building Technology, University of Nottingham, Faculty of Engineering

2009-2011: MSc in Energy (Bioclimatic Design of Buildings), National Autonomous University of Mexico, Institute of Engineering

2003-2008: BEng in Mechatronics, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Faculty of Engineering


Past projects