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Dr Eliot Durand

Research Associate


I have several years' experience in aerosol science and I currently am a research associate at Cardiff University’s Gas Turbine Research Centre (GTRC), funded to maintain and conduct non-volatile Particulate Matter (nvPM) measurements and analysis using the European nvPM reference system as part of the H2020 AVIATOR and RAPTOR programmes. I have  extensive experience in regulatory compliant nvPM sampling and measurement systems having acted as an EASA approved operator of the European nvPM reference system, during five gas turbine certification campaigns (Rolls-Royce UK, Rolls-Royce Deutschland and Safran) and combustion rig tests at both Rolls-Royce Derby and at the GTRC. I have also assessed the impact of sustainable aviation fuels on nvPM formation as part of both ITAKA and JETSCREEN test programmes which has led to publications in high-impact journals.

I also have experience in currently unspecified sizing measurement techniques and laboratory experiments concerned with particle generation, transport, and loss measurements including nanoparticle filtration efficiency of respiratory personal protective equipment.