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Dr Alexander Ramage

Dr Alexander Ramage

Postdoctoral Research Associate

School of Mathematics

Maths and Education Building , Senghennydd Road, Cardiff, CF24 4AG


I am a member of the Applied and Computational Mathematics Research Group and work on the project “Mathematical modelling and smart coatings: fighting the COVID-19 pandemic” with Dr Katerina Kaouri (PI), Prof. Ian Griffiths (University of Oxford) and Smart Separations Ltd (SSL). The project is funded by the Welsh Government (Sêr Cymru “Tackling COVID-19” call).

Working as a team, we are developing comprehensive mathematical models of the transmission of COVID-19 in indoor spaces, focusing on airborne transmission. Our novel modelling framework involves numerical and analytical solutions of advection-diffusion equations and Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations to accurately model air flows and transport of SARS-CoV-2. In this way, we can investigate the effects of air-conditioning, ventilation and masks. We are focusing on classrooms and healthcare locations.

Furthermore, our models will be used to quantify the reduction in viral transmission when antiviral coatings are applied to locations with a high risk of transmission. A novel antiviral nano-coating technology has been developed by SSL and it has been shown to destroy a broad range of microorganisms: bacteria, fungi and 99.9% of viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. The antiviral coating can be applied to most surfaces such as masks and gloves and air filters in AC units, portable air sanitisers and respirators.

Currently, three PDRAs are employed on the project: Aaron English, Raquel Gonzalez and me.


I currently work at the School of Mathematics as a postdoctoral research associate on a project modeling indoor transmission of COVID-19 (outlined in the "Overview" tab). Prior to this (2018-2020) I had a postdoctoral position at Swansea University, College of Engineering, working on simulating electromagnetic fields in nano-scale structures, which was my first position after completion of my PhD on fluid dynamics in Cardiff in 2017.


I studied a PhD in fluid dynamics at Cardiff University under the supervision of Dr Chris Davies, entitled "Linear disturbance evolution in the semi-infinite Stokes layer and related flows". In this project we demonstrated that the Stokes layer - being the flow generated by the sinusiodal motion of a bounding plate - is subject to a form of absolute instability. The approach taken was a combination of direct numerical simulation of the linearised Navier-Stokes equations and solution of an eigenvalue problem arising from a linear stability analysis informed by Floquet theory.

Subsequently, I began a postdoctoral research position at Swansea University, with Prof Oubay Hassan, Dr Ruben Sevilla and Prof Kenneth Morgan, using reduced order modeling of Maxwell's equations to facilitate the design and optimisation of nano-scale structures for coatings on thermal solar panels. This work was undertaken in collaboration with industry partners LIST.

I am currently employed on a research project on indoor transmission of COVID-19, outlined in more detail in the "Overview" tab.