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Dr David Ngira

Research Associate

School of Law and Politics


I hold a PhD in Human Rights and Legal Pluralism from Utrecht University and an LLM in International Development Law and Human Rights from the University of Warwick. I have been a visiting fellow at the University of Warwick and Postdoctoral fellow at the British Institute of Eastern Africa. My research interests lie in legal theory and human rights, law and society as well as the interphase between law and development, especially in plural legal societies. 


I'm currently working in the AHRC funded project titled: Covid-19 in Kenya: Global Health, Human Rights and the State in a Time of Pandemic led by Professor John Harrington in collaboration with the African Population and Health Research Centre and the Katiba Institute (both Nairobi). The project  documents and evaluates the legal and policy responses to the pandemic in Kenya.

I previously worked with Prof Ann Stewart (Warwick University) Dr. Agnes Meroka (University of Nairobi) and Dr. Jenny Landers (De Montfort University) on research projects regarding the socio-legal protection of older persons in Africa and traditional woman to woman marriages. I'm currently co-authoring a book on the Socio-legal protection of the older persons in Africa’s Plural legal system with the research team. 

I was also one of the researchers in the British Council funded project on ‘cultural heritage for inclusive growth’ where I co-coordinated the legal protection of cultural heritage sub-theme. The project was a joint undertaking between Mount Kenya University and the University of West Scotland.

Areas of expertise