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I am an ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow focused on examining the connections between everyday social practices, energy use, supply, and the production of space. My current research primarily focuses on the constitution of ‘urban’ energy demand and what this means for attempts to meet net zero by 2050. This involves investigating how demands for energy materialise in cities over time, both in terms of the ordering of consumption and supply. My work contributes to discussions about ongoing urban energy transitions and shifts toward decarbonisation by helping to reveal how geographies of demand are made and met at different spatial scales and what is called for in response.

Beyond my independent research, I enjoy collaborating with others. I am currently working (in my free time) on a project about COVID-19 and emergent patterns of domestic consumption that pose fresh sustainability challenges.

My broader areas of interest include: relational spatial theory; science and technology studies (STS); social theory (in particular, practice-based approaches); and, philosophies of social research.

If you are interested in my work or share interests you would like to discuss, please feel free to get in contact.


I gained my undergraduate degree in Journalism, Media and Sociology at Cardiff University, during which I was chosen to spend a semester at the University of Pennsylvania. I attained my MA in Sociology at the University of Manchester and completed my PhD as part of the DEMAND Research Centre at Lancaster University. During my PhD, I taught on first, second and third-year undergraduate modules in Lancaster University's Sociology Department.

My research is centred on exploring how geographies of energy use and supply connect and materialise over time. Set in the context of wider debates about decarbonisation, I am particularly interested in ideas of ‘local’ and ‘urban’ energy transitions and how these are deployed (or not) through policy and professional practice. I am also currently working (in my free time) on a research project about Covid-19 lockdowns, ‘domestic’ energy demand, and sustainability ambitions.