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Dr James Carter

Dr James Carter

Postdoctoral Research Associate (with Prof Graham Hutchings)


I supervise and carry out research in heterogeneous catalysis. My current research portfolio includes the synthesis, characterisation and understanding of novel heterogeneous catalysts for various applications including: sustainable manufacturing, environmental catalysis and carbon-free energy.

I am interested in academic research that concerns the fundamental chemistry of catalysis as well collaborations with industrial partners to develop solutions to commercial challenges.


Education and qualifications

  • 2015: PhD Heterogeneous Catalysis, Cardiff University
  • 2012: MSc Catalysis, Cardiff University
  • 2011: BSc Chemistry, Cardiff University

Speaking engagements and awards

  • Europacat, Aachen (2019)
  • National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Boston (2018)
  • UK Catalysis Conference (2018)
  • International Conference on Gold Chemistry (2018)
  • National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, San Francisco (2017)
  • Europacat, Florence (2017)
  • Peter Williams Memorial Prize (2016)
  • UK Catalysis Conference (2016)

Editorial activities

  • Review Editor: Frontiers in Environmental Chemistry
  • Reviewer/Referee: Journal of the American Chemical Society, Nature Communications, ACS Catalysis, Journal of Catalysis, Catalysts, C, Journal of CO2 Utilisation, Catalysis Reviews, Topics in Catalysis, Inorganics











CHT219 Preparation and Evaluation of Heterogeneous Catalysts

Recent notable projects include:

After the goldrush (European Research Council), 2013 - 2018

  • Devloping robust gold nanoparticle catalysts for hydrogen production (water-gas shift)
  • Catalytic remediation of greenhouse gases ie. N2O
  • Developing supported nanoparicle catalysts for hydrogen production (NH3 dissociation)

The valorisation of methane to higher value compounds (Exxon Mobil), 2016 - 2018

  • Liquid-phase methane to methanol using supported AuPd catalysts
  • Gas-phase transformation of methane to methanol using Fe-ZSM-5 catalysts with N2O

The development of heterogeneous catalysts for industrial applications (Total) 2017 - present

Catalytic abatement of VOCs produced during the manufacture of polymers (Colormatrix) 2018 - present


Past projects