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Dr Kerry Moore BA (Wales), MA (Sunderland), PhD (Cardiff)

Dr Kerry Moore

BA (Wales), MA (Sunderland), PhD (Cardiff)

Senior Lecturer

School of Journalism, Media and Culture

+44 (0)29 208 76199
Two Central Square, Central Square, Cardiff, CF10 1FS


My research explores media and political discourses surrounding migration, racism and social injustice. I have published extensively in these areas, including the co-edited book Migrations and the Media with Bernhard Gross and Terry Threadgold (2012, Peter Lang) and a special issue for Jomec Journal on the Meaning of Migration (2015). My most recent published work focuses on European press coverage of the migration crisis in the Mediterranean; immigration politics, populism and Brexit, human rights in refugee news and constructions of racism in UK crime news. Currently, I am leading a collaborative project with journalists and third sector communications professionals in Wales exploring contemporary news media narratives on poverty in the English and Welsh language news media.

I am a founding Co-Editor of the JOMEC Journal and serve on the editorial board of the journal Journalism and Discourse Studies. I am also Chair of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for the School of Journalism, Media and Culture.

PhD Supervisions:

  • Dr Liezel Longboan: Mediating Indigeneity in Virtual Communities (completed 2013)
  • Marina Morani: Research: New media and new Italians: an analysis of online intercultural projects (completed 2017)
  • Alida Payson: ‘Feeling together: emotion, heritage, conviviality and politics in a changing city (completed 2018)
  • Muhammad Ilyas: The assassination of bin Laden in the UK and Pakistan press: a comparative study
  • Michal Tuchowski: Diaspora and ethnic media in the age of migration. The role of the Polish ethnic media in the process of integration of Poles in the United Kingdom after May 2004
  • Carrie Westwater: How can Arts and Heritage projects better represent minority groups and individuals in their displays of ethnic minority story, history and position?
  • Phillipa Metcalfe:  How the datafication of society is affecting migrant and refugee communities in Europe
  • Xin Zhang: ‘The identities of Chinese ethnic minorities in the UK’ Examination of PhD Students (MPhil)

PhDs Examined:

Gill Abousnnouga: Visual and Written Discourses of British Commemorative War Monuments (2012)

Dafina Paca: Neither Here nor There: Exploring 'identity' amongst Kosovo Albanians in the UK (2016)







  • Moore, K. 2017. Media, human rights and refugees. In: Tumber, H. and Waisbord, S. eds. The Routledge Companion to Media and Human Rights., Vol. 1. Abingdon, Oxon, UK & New York: Routledge, pp. 446-455.












Current Undergraduate Teaching:

  • Media Power & Society
  • Media, Racism and Conflict
  • Doing Media Research
  • Racism and racialised crisis discourse
  • Asylum and migration
  • Representations of religious and cultural difference
  • Poverty and social injustice
  • Discourse theory and analysis

Funded Projects

Racism in the Brexit Britain Press Principal Investigator with Dr Katy Greenland (June-July 2018) 

‘Racism rows’, ‘controversies’ and ‘scandals’ frequently make newspaper headlines in the UK, including recent conflicts surrounding Brexit and the immigration debate, the US Presidential retweeting of Britain First propaganda, findings of ‘institutional racism’ in the police and other agencies and concerns about ‘banter’ or bullying in professional football. But, what is ‘racism’ taken to be, and how is its meaning constructed in the news? This project builds upon collaborative, interdisciplinary research investigating public discourses on racism 20 years after the murder of black teenager, Stephen Lawrence, exploring the cultural values, politics and social representations in constructions of racism within the three highest circulating tabloid, mid-market and broadsheet daily national newspapers: the Daily Mail, The Sun and the Daily Telegraph. It systematically examines patterns of press coverage in order to demonstrate, specifically: the current news value of racism; the kinds of news narratives within which ‘racists’, ‘racism’ and ‘anti-racism’ feature; and the language/rhetoric surrounding racism accusation/denial. This aim is to provide valuable empirical data for a longitudinal, comparative analysis of ‘racism’ in the UK news media.

Using Research findings about the Media Narrative on Poverty in Wales to Build Journalist-Third Sector Communications Networks Principal Investigator (May 2016-April 2017) Project using research findings from the project, ‘Exploring the News Media Narrative on Poverty in Wales' to improve fair and accurate public representation of the issues, reduce stigma, and build sustainable and mutually supportive communication networks between journalists and the third sector organisations in Wales working to support socio-economically marginalised groups and address economic inequality. The impact of the project will be to establish new connections between the third sector and news professionals to improve reporting of the issue of poverty and economic inequality in the Welsh and English language news media. Funded by an Economic and Social Research Council Initiator Accelerator Award (ESRC IAA)

Exploring the News Media Narrative on Poverty in Wales Principal Investigator (2016) Project investigating the coverage and production of news surrounding poverty in the English and Welsh language news media in Wales. Funded by a coalition of 10 NGOs based in Wales, coordinated by Oxfam Cymru.

Poverty, NGOs and the News Media in Wales Principal Investigator (2016) Project investigating practices of communications professionals working in the third sector in Wales seeking to influence the news agenda on poverty. Funded by Cardiff Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (CUROP).

News Media Representations of Migration in Five European Countries: Co-Investigator (2016) Project investigating the representation of immigration during the 2014-5 crisis in the national press of 5 European countries (UK, Sweden, Germany, Spain & Italy), with Dr Inaki Garcia Blanco and Dr Mike Berry, funded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

The Meaning of ‘Racism’ in the UK Press 20 Years After the Death of Stephen Lawrence: Principal Investigator (2014) Project developing interdisciplinary work with Dr Katy Greenland (SOCSI) examining the construction of racism in the UK national press, funded by Cardiff Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programmed (CUROP)

BBC Impartiality Study: Co-Investigator (2014) Project investigating and reviewing the breadth of opinion in BBC news coverage across three areas (Migration, Europe and Religion) with Professor Karin Wahl Jorgensen, Professor Richard Sambrook, Dr Mike Berry, Dr Lucy Bennett, Dr Jonathan Cable, Dr Inaki Garcia-Blanco, Dr Jenny Kidd, Dr Lina Denzic & Dr Arne Hintz, funded by the BBC Trust.

DOC 360: Principal Investigator (2013-)
Collaboration with creative partners On Par, to explore audience engagement with documentary when presented within an immersive environment, funded by REACT.

REACH Media Analysis: Principal Investigator (2009-10)
Project with Dr John Jewell and Dr Stephen Cushion to explore constructions of young black men and boys in the news media, funded by the Department of Communities and Local Government, 2009-10

Images of Islam: Principal Investigator (2008)
Project with Professor Justin Lewis and Dr Paul Mason to explore the coverage of Muslims and Islam in the UK, funded by Channel 4 for the Dispatches documentary, ‘It Shouldn’t Happen to a Muslim’, broadcast July 7th 2008.

Broadcast Coverage of Asylum Seekers and Refugees: Research Assistant (2006-7)
Project with Professor Terry Threadgold and Bernhard Gross exploring the construction of asylum and refugee issues in the UK broadcast news media, funded by Oxfam.

Areas of expertise