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Dr Inaki Garcia-Blanco

Dr Inaki Garcia-Blanco

Senior Lecturer (Teaching and Research)

School of Journalism, Media and Culture

+44(0)29 208 76077
Two Central Square, Central Square, Cardiff, CF10 1FS

Iñaki Garcia-Blanco is a senior lecturer at the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies. He is the course director for the MA Political Communication, and for the BA Journalism, Communication and Politics.

Iñaki is a media scholar interested in the relationships and interplays between media, politics, and citizenship. Currently, he is undertaking research on the mediated role of citizens during election and referendum campaigns, as well as on the notion of transparency in contemporary journalism. Iñaki has carried research on the coverage of the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean (funded by UNHCR), and on the breadth of opinion in BBC coverage (funded by the BBC Trust). His research appears in international, peer-reviewed journals such as Media, Culture & Society,Journalism Studies, Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism or Feminist Media Studies.  

Iñaki teaches BA modules on journalism, new media and politics, and MA modules on political communication and social research methods. He holds an MSc in Politics and Communication (London School of Economics and Political Science) and a PhD from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Prior to his appointment as a research associate to work as a media analyst for the Eurosphere project at Cardiff University, he was an associate lecturer at the UAB, where he taught BA modules on media theory and public opinion. During the academic year 2007-08, Iñaki carried out research at the Free University of Brussels (VUB).

Iñaki Garcia-Blanco is a Stonewall Cymru role model. You can find the role model guide (including his profile) following this link:











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