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Vigneshwaran Muralidaran

Research Software Engineer

School of Computer Science and Informatics


I am a language enthusiast and a researcher working on problems in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. I am interested in exploring the implications of treating language as a functional, usage-based system and how it can be used in Language Technology. My Masters research was on creating an annotation framework for Tamil dependency parsing based on the ideas from Construction Grammar. For my PhD research, I worked on developing an unsupervised parser for Welsh by extending the ideas from my previous work.


Parsing, Sentiment Analysis, Document Summarisation, Named Entity Recognition and Machine Translation. Experience with NLP tools such as Malt/MSTparser, OpenFST, NLTK, OpenNLP, CRF++, Giza++ and neural network libraries such as DyNet and PyTorch. Programming languages: Java, Python, C++. Database: Oracle DB, MySQL. Operating Systems: Linux, Mac and Windows. Web Development: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP