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Dr Manjil Saikia

Dr Manjil Saikia

Research Associate

School of Mathematics

5.36, Abacws, Senghennydd Road, Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4AG


Current Research

  • Enumerative Combinatorics (alternating sign matrices, lattice paths, plane partitions, lozenge tilings, domino tilings, etc.)
  • Elementary Number Theory (Diophantine equations, perfect numbers, etc.)
  • Partitions and q-series



Other Activities

  • Managing Editor, Gonit Sora (a bilingual website devoted to mathematics)

Professional memberships

  • American Mathematical Society
  • Ramanujan Mathematical Society
  • Assam Academy of Mathematics

Speaking engagements

  • Combinatory Analysis 2018: A Conference in Honor of George Andrews’ 80th birthday, Pennsylvania State University, State College, USA, July 2018 (contributed talk)
  • Vienna Discrete Mathematics Seminar, Technische Universität Wien, April 2018
  • 80th Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire, Institut Camille Jordan - Bâtiment Braconnier, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France, March 2018 (contributed talk)
  • PhD Colloquium, Fakultät für Mathematik, Universität Wien, Austria, March 2018 (invited talk)
  • First Interdisciplinary Symposium of the Vienna Doctoral Schools, Universität Wien, Austria,September 2017 (contributed talk)
  • Mini-Conference on Networks and Games, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India, July 2017 (invited talk)
  • Stat-Math Unit Seminar, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi, India, February 2017
  • International Conference of The Indian Mathematics Consortium in cooperation with American Mathematical Society, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India, December 2016 (contributed talk)
  • ALEA in Europe Young Researcher’s Workshop, Technische Universität Wien, Austria, September 2016 (contributed talk)
  • 13rd Algorithmic and Ennumerative Combinatorics Summer School, Research Institute for Symbolic Computation, Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, August 2016 (contributed talk)
  • Vienna Discrete Mathematics Seminar, Technische Universität Wien, June 2016
  • National Seminar on Advances in Mathematical Sciences, Gauhati University, December 2015 (contributed talk)
  • ICM International Satellite Conference on Rings and Near Rings, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, India, September 2010 (invited talk)

Committees and reviewing

  • Journal reviewer: Advances in Mathematics, Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics, Annals of Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematics, Mathematica Slovaca, Journal of the Indian Mathematical Society, Mathematics Student, etc.
  • Reviewer, Mathematical Reviews of the American Mathematical Society
  • Reviewer, Zentralblatt Math












I am broadly interested in enumerative and algebraic combinatorics with a strong side interest in number theory and analysis of algortihms. Most of my papers are on the arXiv.


Past projects