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Dr Francesco Ferraresso

Dr Francesco Ferraresso

Research Associate

Abacws, Senghennydd Road, Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4AG


My research is focused on spectral theory for unbounded operators, with applications to partial differential equations, semigroup theory and mathematical physics.

My most recent work is about the spectrum of a linearised Navier-Stokes operator via higher order block numerical range techniques and the self-adjoint theory of operators in Krein spaces. At the moment I am mainly focused on developing and applying spectral theory tools to non-self-adjoint operators.

Other personal interests are: dependence of the spectrum on domain perturbations, asymptotic analysis and homogenisation theory, eigenvalue problems with spectral parameter on the boundary condition, overdetermined spectral problems, geometric aspects of quasilinear eigenvalue problems.

More info at my personal webpage.


Past projects