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Dr Carla De Laurentis

Dr Carla De Laurentis

Postdoctoral Fellow

School of Geography and Planning


I am an experienced researcher working in the field of innovation and economic development. My research interests converge around the geography of innovation and the role of policy in promoting local and regional development. I am particularly interested in understanding the mechanisms that lead to an effective diffusion of renewable energy technologies at the regional level and how and why regions show different patterns in the emergence of renewable energy systems. I have published on the role of regions in the dynamics of innovation and transformation of the energy sector towards sustainability.


Education and Qualifications

  • 2018: PhD  EPSRC and WSA, Cardiff University
  • 2001: MSc European Regional Development, School of Geogrpahy and Planning, Cardiff University
  • 1998: Laurea in Business and Economics, Sassari University, Italy

Professional memberships

  • Member of the Centre for Research on Environment, Society and Space
  • Member of the Energy Research Cluster
  • Member of the Environment Research Group
  • Member of the Economic and Political Geography Research Group

Academic positions

2019- present: ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Geography and Planning Cardiff University

2018-2019 Academic Co-ordinator Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Leadership, 20Twenty Business Growth Programme, School of Management, Cardiff Metropolitan University

2017 Writing Fellow, National Research Network for Low Carbon Energy and Environment (NRN-LCEE), Cardiff University

2011-2014 Senior Research Associate, Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University

2008-2011 Senior Research Associate, Centre for Advanced Studies, School of Geography and Planning Cardiff University

2002-2008 Research Associate, Centre for Advanced Studies, School of Geography and Planning Cardiff University

1999-2000 Research Assistant, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy


















I am currently contributing to the following modules:

- CPT909: Renewable Energy Development and Planning

Current and recent projects:

Supporting renewable energy deployment: Exploring routes from research into practice (ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship) Project Duration 2019-2020. The research project aims at disseminating the key success factors that need to be in place for the delivery of renewable energy deployment. It aims at transferring knowledge and sharing insights from my doctorate research and its practical implications with research users, making research findings usable and accessible.

The material dimensions of renewable energy deployment: understanding spatially uneven processes at the regional level in Italy and the UK (EPSRC/Welsh School of Architecture), Project Duration 2014-2018. The research aimed at identifying the factors that could potentially explain regional differentiation in RE deployment by investigating the relationship between energy and materiality. It proposed and tested among 5 regions (3 in Italy and 2 in the UK) a novel analytical and conceptual framework foregrounds the importance and role of natural resources, investigating their implicit physical and partially socially produced nature.

RETROFIT 2050 Re-engineering the City 2020-2050 Urban Foresight and Transition Management (EPSRC) Project Duration 2011-2014. RETROFIT 2050 investigated how national priorities, policies and programmes create possibilities and constraints on city regions in their construction of retrofit strategies, identifying how city-regions shape and drive changes and the main critical challenges that they are facing to deliver sustainable futures.

Green Innovation: is Wales Leading the Way? Economic Research Grant from the Welsh Assembly Government (WG) Project Duration 2008-2009. The Project studied the Innovation System of Wales in the Renewable energy field.

KNETWORKS Dissemination and Networks of Knowledge in Atlantic Area (EU INTERREG) Project Duration 2009-2011. This project created a knowledge sharing and dissemination Network in the Atlantic Area to promote the exchange of Good Practices and implementation strategies for building and exploiting a 21st Century Knowledge and Information Society.

EURODITE Regional Trajectories to the Knowledge Economy: A Dynamic Model? (EU FP6) Project duration: 2005- 2008. The EURODITE project examined the dynamics of knowledge in the economies of European regions to inform policies seeking to promote the transition of Europe towards a knowledge-based society.

Collective Learning in Knowledge Economies: Milieu or Market? (ESRC) Project duration 2003-2006. The Collective Learning project aimed at comparing processes of knowledge-transfer in the science based industries of Information and Communication Technologies and Biotechnology across European countries.

RISESI Regional Information Society and Social Inclusion (EU FP5). Project Duration 2003-2004. The project concerned the investigation of the regional impact of the information society on social inclusion and integration. Special focus was on ethnic minorities and groups with immigrant background. Regions under analysis were: Wales, Sweden, Italy, Basque country and Spain

TEDIP Technology, Economics and Diversity in the Periphery (EU FP5). Project Duration 2000-2003. The TEDIP project explored how the development of the Information Society and the Knowledge Economy is progressing within six European peripheral regions, among others, Wales in the UK.

Wales Active Community Initiative, funded by the National Assembly for Wales. Project Duration 2003-2004 Evaluation of the Wales Active Community Initiative

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