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 Huw Beynon DSc, ACSS, FRSW

Huw Beynon


Emeritus Professor

School of Social Sciences


I was born and brought up in Ebbw Vale when it was a thriving coal and steel town on the north eastern rim of the South Welsh coalfield. That place, and the ways that is has changed has affected the way I have developed as a sociologist. I have worked in five universities in the UK and I have conducted empirical work in and around these places. In this have worked with local community groups, trades unions and public policy officials to seek to improve economic and social conditions and the life chances of disadvantaged people in disadvantaged places.




  • Beynon, H. 2009. O paradoxo Ingles. In: Limoncic, F. and Martinho, C. P. eds. A grande depressao, politica e economia na decada de 1930. Rio de Janeiro: Civilizacao Brazileira, pp. 277-305.






I am best known as an industrial sociologist and for my research into the experience of work, trade unions and organisational change. I have combined this with a keen interest in historical sociology and the impact of place and social class upon social and economic life. "Working for Ford" was one of my first books and II am currently competing books relating to changes on the UK coalfields as well as working with colleagues on the impact of deindustrialisation in South Wales.