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Dr Angelo Silvestri

Dr Angelo Silvestri

Lecturer in Italian

School of Modern Languages

+44 (0)29 2068 8766
2.39, 66a Park Place, Cathays, Cardiff, CF10 3AS


I am a Lecturer in Italian and I am teaching Italian language and Italian history. My personal interests lie in English and European Medieval history. Specifically I am studying the structure of the medieval church and its influence on the medieval society. My attention is focused on the authority and the role of the bishop in England and in Europe from the Norman Conquest to the middle of the fourteenth century.


Academic history

PhD in Medieval History – Thesis on European Ecclesiastical History – Cardiff University – United Kingdom, 2013.

BA in Foreign Languages – Thesis on Germanic Philology Parma University – Italy, 2005.

BA in Philosophy – Thesis on Theoretical Philosophy Parma University – Italy, 1999.

Speaking engagements

Conference Presentations                                                                                                             

  • May 2020, Artistic interpretation of the medieval Round Church of St Lawrence in Mantua (c. 1000 – c. 1300). International conference, ‘Rituals of the Heavenly and Earthly Kingdoms. The sacred, secular, and sacramental powers in premodern Europe. Royal Castle of Warsaw, Poland, 20-22 May 2020.

  • May 2019, Architecture of Lincoln Cathedral, XII-XIV Centuries, International Conference, ‘Power of the Bishop IV (2019), Bishop as Patron’, Salisbury – UK-  30th -31st May 2019.

  • June 2018, Resisting time, changes, destruction and even interpretations. Artistic analysis and investigation of the Medieval Round Church of St Lawrence, Mantova, X-XIV centuries., American Association for Italian Studies Conference, Sant’ Anna Institute, Sorrento - Italy 14-17 June.

  • April 2018, 'Hugh of Avalon's Ethical, Political, Religious and Artistic thoughts: A Robert Grosseteste ante litteram? Science, Imagination and Wonder: Robert Grosseteste and His Legacy'. Conference at Pembroke College, University of Oxford, 3rd-6th April, 2018.
  • October 2017, The artistic and architectural development of Lincoln Cathedral from the  mid11th  to the mid 14th century. 'Robert Grosseteste Day, Celebration Lecture'. Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln- England, 10th October 2017.
  • June 2017, Law and Religion in a XIII century Italian Diocese. Society for Italian Studies Biennal Conference, University Of Hull, England, June 27th -30th,  2017.
  • June 2017, The Codex Sicardi, Bishop Sicardo of Cremona. International Conference: “Power of the Bishop III: Bishop as Diplomat –”. School of History, Archaeology and Religious Studies, Cardiff University, Cardiff 8th  – 9th June, 2017. (Co-organiser of the conference)
  • March 2017, From Romanesque Darkness to Gothic Light: The Architectural and Artistic role of Lincoln Cathedral in the Episcopacies of Alexander of Lincoln, Hugh of Avalon and Robert Grosseteste. - Borders and Bodies Research seminar, School of Modern Languages, Cardiff, 22 March 2017.
  • April 2016, From rags to riches: the bishops of Cremona in the central centuries of the Middle Ages. “Turning Points: Cultures of transition, transformation and transmission in Italy”. Society for Italian Studies Interim Conference, Spring 2016. Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, Dublin, 29th-30th April 2016.
  • June 2015, For the Glory of God: The Twelfth-Thirteenth century bishops of Lincoln between religion, art and politics, from Alexander to Robert Grossetesste. “International Conference, Episcopal Personalities and the Power of the Bishops in Western Europe, 1000-1300”. School of Modern Languages and School of History, Archaeology and Religious Studies, Cardiff University, Cardiff 10 – 12th June, 2015. (Co-organiser of the conference)
  • Feb. 2015, Political use of Religion versus Religious use of Politics. A Comparative Study on the Power of the Church and its Prelates in Cremona and Lincoln the Middle Ages. “Conference in Italian Studies”, Italian Department, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland, 28th February, 2015.
  • July, 2014, Intelligo ut credam, credo ut intelligam. Faith as a product of great knowledge, or knowledge acquired through strong faith? Faith and reason in Robert Grosseteste. – “International Conference: Robert Grosseteste and the Pursuit of Religious and Scientific Learning in the Middle Ages”, Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln 18th – 20th July, 2014.
  • May, 2013, Bishop Robert Grosseteste: a research about his life and education. International Conference: “In the hands of God’s servants – The power of the bishop in Western Europe, from the XI to the XIII century”. School of History, Archaeology and Religious Studies, Cardiff University, Cardiff 23rd – 24th May, 2013. (Co-organiser of the conference)
  • April, 2013, Robert Grosseteste: Heresy or Sanctity? “Religious Life in Medieval Lincolnshire”. Lincoln Record Society, Lincoln Cathedral Centre-Lincoln University, Lincoln, England 12th -13th April.
  • Sept 2011, The Dimensions of Episcopal power in England and Italy in XI and XII centuries: Saint Hugh of Avalon and Sicardo of Cremona. “Lincoln symposium”. Lincoln-Nottingham University, Lincoln, England 2nd-3rd September.
  • Nov. 2010,   Robert Grosseteste’s vision of the medieval church. An attempt to explain a paradox. “Visions and Visionaries conference”, Cardiff University, Cardiff, 22nd November.
  • May 2010. The role of the bishop in England and Italy, mid XI – mid XIV century. A comparative study. “Postgraduate Conference”, Cardiff University, Cardiff, 12th May.








My research is focused on the evolution of the Christian faith and belief in Western Europe from the early centuries of the Middle Ages until the modern period. In the last ten centuries Christian values have been sturdily upheld or ferociously opposed, while nothing like the Christian belief has generated so much discussion, debate, controversy and conflict. In the name of Christianity people have been sanctified or killed, stunning works of art produced or destroyed, socio-political ideology reformed or crashed and yet the full scale of its real impact on our contemporary society still escape our grasp.

In light of this contradictory and conflictual context, my research investigates the social, political and artistic impact of Christianity upon Western European Culture, focussing on the ethic and aesthetic features Christianity contributed to introduce or to remove from our everyday life. I investigate how current and past historiography depicts Christianity and the Church hierarchical institution, with particular regard to the role of the bishops within the Catholic Church in Europe.