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Luca Antonazzo

Research Associate

Glamorgan Building


I’m a Research Associate working on the Erasmus+ project ESSA – Blueprint “New Skills Agenda Steel”: Industry-driven sustainable European Steel Skills Agenda and Strategy.

My main areas of interest are in sociology of work and organisations, social resilience and sustainable economics. In particular, I’m concerned with the following themes of research:

  • social resilience
  • labour market trends
  • innovation and entrepreneurship
  • skills formation
  • economic and workplace democracy
  • industry 4.0

My theoretical approach is mainly informed by new institutionalism, analytical sociology, social constructionism and strategic action fields theory.



2014-2018: Ph.D. in Human and Social Sciences, University of Salento (IT). 

2017: Research Visitor, Department of History and Politics, University of Stirling (UK)

2015: Summer School on “Methods for the study of political participation and mobilization”, Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence (IT)

2015: Summer School on “Socio-political crisis and new governance challenges”, Link Campus University, Rome (IT)

2009-2012: MSc in Sociology and Social Research, University of Salento (IT).

2006-2009: BSc in Sociology, University of Salento (IT)

Academic positions

2018-2019: Research Associate on the Interreg-IPA project “AdNICH – Adriatic Network for the Intangible Cultural Heritage”, Department of History, Society and Human Studies - University of Salento (IT). 

2017-2019: Teaching Assistant in “Qualitative Methods for Social Research”, Department of History, Society and Human Studies - University of Salento (IT).

External profiles