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 Alex Mullins

Alex Mullins

Research Associate

School of Biosciences

Sir Martin Evans Building, Museum Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3AX


I graduated from Cardiff University with a Microbiology BSc, and then started a PhD at the Microbiomes, Microbes and Informatics (MMI) group at Cardiff University. My research focussed on the natural products synthesised by Burkholderia bacteria, and the use of these bacteria as biological pesticides in agriculture.

Following my PhD I applied for a post-doctoral position within the MMI group to advance the research I started during my PhD. This current research aims to address the efficacy and safety of Burkholderia as a biological pesticide, and understand the persistence of the bacteria in the soil following application.


My research into Burkholderia bacteria combines genomic-driven analyses, biological control modelling of crop disease and biopesticides, and understanding the repertoire of natural products synthesised by these bacteria.

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