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Professor Adrian Mander

Professor Adrian Mander

Professor in Medical Statistics and Director of Statistics

Available for postgraduate supervision


I am the Director of Statistics and Professor of Medical Statistics at the Centre for Trials Research (CTR) and I took up this post in 2019. All the statisticians at CTR are within my team and as of 2021 we have 21 statisticians supporting both internal and external trials. I am excited to be inside a large clinical trials unit and lead a large team of statisticians. There is a great wealth of knowledge among the team and we are building a centre of excellence in adaptive trial design.


I did a PhD in spatial game theory at Sheffield Unviersity under the supervisors Chris Cannings and Paul Blackwell in 1995. On the maths genealogy you will notice that via supervisors I am a direct descendant from R. Fisher.

Then I did a postdoc at the LSHTM medical statistics group until 1997 working in Stuart Pocock's group on asthma trials

I moved to Cambridge to work with David Clayton at the MRC Biostatistics Unit on problems in statistical genetics and missing data until 2001.

I worked at GSK in their Clinical Pharmacology group for a year then their Worldwide Epidemiology group until 2005.

I moved back to Cambridge to take up a position in the MRC Human Nutrition Research unit as head of statistics.

Then I went back to the MRC Biostatistics Unit to become one of the Directors of the network of Hubs for Trials Methodological Research for 10 years.
















My main research interest is in the design of clinical trials. I have worked in the area of developing novel adaptive trial designs for over 10 years and there has been a massive increase in their use. I really enjoy working on early phase trials because they are more readily improved using adaptive trials because there is a lot to explore whether this is finding the most appropriate dose, population or endpoint.

One of the largest projects I am involved in is the INNODIA consortium which started in 2015 and involved setting up an observational cohort of people newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (and their family members at risk) and latterly has transitioned to a platform trial with multiple sub-trials. The platform trial that is run under a master protocol that was given qualified advice by the EMA. and there are currently 4 sub-trials, the statistical trial work of two of the sub-trials is done within my team in Cardiff. There are plans for a fifth sub-trial that will be sponsored by Cardiff. It is exciting to see after 6 years that the trials have begun and it will be great to see the results coming over the next couple of years.


I am interested in supervising any student who wants to obtain a PhD in statistics and I have lots of ideas of potential research projects.

1. Adaptive platform trials

2. Biomarker stratified designs

3. Longitudinal group sequential trials